10 things that rocked my world this week. 9.6.14

book to read

1. A round up of my favorite books has me reading again. {Shoes / chairs / pouf / pillow}

love handles

2. The easiest way to add a touch of glamour to your home? New door handles. {Mine are Emtek, they are absolutely gorgeous and come in many finishes. You can find them at a local hardware store}

lilac bathroom

3. I'm starting to see that I have pretty much two styles now. One, the feminine and glamorously bold room like this gorgeous lilac and gold bathroom.

my room

4. Case in point. My room. {Ghost chairs  / spotted pillow  / mirrored table }


5. My other design style obsession is masculine elegance. Dark colors, metallic finishes, etc.


6. Case in point: My clients master bedroom. Totally man, totally glam. I love the balance.

work life

7. I must admit, I am pretty lucky to do what I am very passionate about every single day. It's been fun learning how to nail down my signature styles. It may have taken me a few years, but I did it.  {gold stapler}

skii face

8. What I am now really trying to nail down is the perfect beauty routine. I am a beauty junkee, I love fabulous hair, skin and nails. Sk ii is literally magic. It's all made from rice & secret asian skin recipes. I've been on it for a few weeks now and wow. My skin feels so clean and supple. If you haven't tried it, I would highly suggest you do. { full sample kit }

jacket in grey

9. Did you see my fashion post yesterday? I'm obsessed with this look and I can't wait for fall.

new beginnings

10. I just have that feeling... It's time for new beginnings.