Secret of domestic bliss #62...OVERSIZED ART

I have to admit that things in my world have been a bit hectic. I am in San Francisco right now working on a few exciting things that I will fill you all in on very soon. For today, I want to share with you my current love for oversized things, like really good art! I am currently selecting a few pieces for some clients back on the east coast and San Fran is full of amazing works of art. I love this city and its incredible artsy culture. Big works of art are perfect for the home....
They look amazing over a sofa or beautiful console. Pretty much anywhere in the home will do.
I certainly love this set of 3 in the entryway...absolute perfection.

images via  1stibs. houzz. pinterest. decorpad.

Wallcolor Wednesday: A pretty little green room...

After a day of being out in the streets walking around I am just overjoyed that spring weather is finally arriving to the city. It has me dreaming of the most bright and vibrant colors on the walls. Especially the color GREEN...

The perfect touch of pretty femininity...
A touch of modern chic...
A touch of history...
A touch of traditional...
And a baby touch of masculine...

images via, brian park photography...elle decor...apartmenttherapy. lonnymagazine.

DIY Decor Idea: colored matting

Happy Friday everyone! This week in NYC is so much's fashion week and things in my neighborhood are just buzzing. I love the energy. So, inspired by all the amazing fashion that I have been seeing around, I am desperate to add more color to my very GREIGE apartment.
One way I can get this plan into action is through matting in my artwork...

I adore this look with the gold and black frame and pink-ish matting, very neo-traditional...
mixing up the colors can be very boho chic yet still sophisticated.
I, of course, LOVE the hot pink but different colors look very cool too! 
This bathroom look is just oh so right, I think the green and yellow is so chic!
oh and this lavender is just my color lately and I am totally inspired by this photo from NYSD

images via... glamlamb. tumblr. lonnymag. littlegreennotebook. NYSD.

The Decorista tip of the day...decorate with wooden frames

I am still on a little buzz about the new year and 2012. I am just loving this year already. One thing I have noticed is that I am all about natural and organic elements things this year. Nude colors and wood grains in the home are rocking my world. So. lately I have been crushing on natural tone frames within an art wall... 

I personally like mixing in other elements of glamour so as not to get too earthy. 
I love the crisp white sofa mixed with wood. Its very soothing...
A few wooden frames mixed in with white and black is a great look too...

I do love this pop of wood on the mirror in this room by Jenny Komenda...cute huh?

images via here + here

I HE(ART) DESIGN: the many horses

Hi everybody, it’s Lynnette with another I HE(ART) DESIGN post to bring you this beautiful photography and a look to compliment it.
I have long been an admirer of equestrian style, it's so very Ralph Lauren. The perfect way to embody this look is to start with incorporating horse art into the home. This piece by artist
 Robert Dutesco captures this incredible moment of wild freedom. 
I just love it and can imagine it blown up to oversize proportions on a wall in a gorgeous house.
 Clean, crisp white and browns with rustic
touches like unfinished woods and wire baskets with pops of a classic hue like
orange bring out the equestrian vibe and soften the look to make it homey and a tad bit neo-traditional, which we love!


Today, as I pack up my bags and head out for my thanksgiving weekend...
I stare at my stack of home decor magazines and just radiate with excitement over devouring each one. What I love about doing so, is finding myself daydreaming over interiors that I LOVE but would never actually be able to create in my own home. I like to vicariously live through them.
This space decorated by one of my designer crushes Ryan Korban, is one of those fantasy artsy spaces that I LIVE for. Outrageous artwork, amazing lighting, lifelike zebra pillows, and fur everywhere! Ugh, its so glam I can't stand it. love.


Hello darlings! Another slew of my most favorite things I have found while shopping for clients...

I have been searching everywhere for this Kate Spade Cloverdale Vase and finally found it. 
With the colder weather in NYC I want to have my apartment full of big, glossy books like Vogue, The Covers 
Gold Nugget bookends are such a gem-tastic way to punch up my new desk.
This gorgeous gold + black swirl work of art by Anna Coroneo is at the top of my wishlist for amazing art! I am obsessed, its the perfect look.
#LiveSparkly Gold Pillow...need I say more?
Zgallerie Bryant Frames are so art deco and I LOVE that about them.
MOR candle in Gardenia, it's my favorite everyday scent. 

office space of the day... art wall ideas

mod desk + beautiful blue chair + sculptural lamp + bar cart office tray + mix of artwork=
domestic bliss
I have slowly been creating a beautiful home office for myself. I finally found the perfect desk to fit in my apartment. It's black and glossy with the most beautiful legs. (i will put up a pic soon)
So now, I am looking for the perfect way to dress up the wall space above my desk...
and I love the way these collections of great pictures look above fabulous pieces. 
All black frames with white matting looks divine, but mixes of gold frames is an old favorite too! 
Curious to know what you guys have above your desk....? I'm would love some fun suggestions. 

art + room... feminine flowers + damien hirst

Art is my favorite part of decorating a home. The artwork always makes the most impact and gives the home its personality. I have fallen severely for this large scale floral art with the peek of a Damien Hirst print in the background...such a perfect mix of art.
glossy white floors + modern white chairs + cool glass dining table + mix of fabulous art =
domestic bliss
How to achieve this marvelous look...




This pretty little watercolor picture just says everything about domestic bliss that I can't put into words. Inslee Haynes...the latest artist to grab my affections is making her waves around the blog world and now she has nabbed herself a spot on one of my favorite sites ever, Joss and Main. Those clever people are hosting a huge SALE of her fabulous work today. If I were you, I would click here and get in on it before it all sells out. I know I'm getting my hands on a piece of her work! 
Her work is ultra feminine and ultra fabulous...something about it just captures my heart.
Each figure is just so pretty and inspiring, it makes me want to be a watercolor girl! This is totally how I picture myself working in an office.
I feel like this one was made for me......

DIY decorating secrets from a beach-y bohemian pad...

Many of you know that my affections belong to southern california and that beachy lifestyle. I fell instantly for this adorable apartment. So, I took a few notes on her decor style...
1. Collect a bunch of white vases in different sizes and set atop your fireplace mantle. Fill them with bunches of the same blooms, and your mantle will pack some decorative punch!

2. Display your jewels on sidetables (not just your dresser or vanity) on pretty feminine dishes and combine with pretty trinkets and treasured magazines to make it look like a styled set. This gives you that  boutique display vibe that we all know and love.
3. DIY artwork... stencils, canvas and pretty color paint. Pick a favorite quote, saying or mantra for an everyday pick-me-up.
oh and don't forget to display your prettiest shoes for more happiness...

Art + Room: how to decorate with art

Art is everything! It is the bones of the room, always. Collecting art for your space is a process, you want to collect over time and make sure to find things that speak to you emotionally and speak to the story of the room. The latest issue of Lonny captures some fantastic spaces...and I personally think its because of the amazing artwork! Ruthie Sommers (one fab LA decorator) chose this whimsical piece for her porch, so tongue-in-cheek
We all know how much I adore photography, and this shot of the majestic ocean stole my heart.
A boombox is so fresh, fun and masculine. A very hip addition to a space. 
This abstract is very artsy and unexpected. I dig it. 
Fun and flirty women standing around...very vintage chic.
I love this portrait that was done by the homeowner, color by numbers sometimes can be fun to do. 
A very cool print adds some interest and will always strike up a good convo.
Nudes are my fave. A very sophisticated and elegant addition.
something about old portraits of stuffy men gives me a nostalgic feeling. I love that. 
Roses. So feminine. So beautiful. The perfect explanation of a woman! And I love the size. 
How picturesque is this gorgeous photo of Paris? Can be great to keep memories of lovely trips. 
Black and white paintings are the ultimate for chic.
This pretty set of waves serves as the perfect guest room piece, relaxing and fun, all at the same time! 
all images via lonny.

The Art of Living: layered living rooms

When decorating your home, it's important to create a gathering place. A room where everyone can collect together and enjoy great conversation and fun, that is what creates domestic bliss
Some people prefer the kitchen, much like my family, but I also really love the feel of an entertaining ready living room. A well decorated living room will have multiple seating/conversation areas, walls layered with gorgeous pieces that elicit great conversations and plenty of fabrics, patterns and interesting textures. I always think too many mirrors never hurt anybody...oh, and never skimp on reading material either. Big photography based books make for the most fun! 

art + room: framed scenic paintings

beautiful french furniture + pretty pretty pink + gorgeous gold + beautiful scenic paintings =
domestic bliss
...because of my recent Sophia Loren portrait print, I am now on the hunt for more artwork to put in my bedroom. I think that a painting might just complement that photograph perfectly. Lately, I am all about beautiful scenic paintings. They take you to another place and add a little something to your space. 


art that i absolutely heart {represent your city}

A while back, while shopping in Brooklyn, I came across this poster and fell absolutely head over heels in love with this bright and funky NYC subway poster. How ridiculously hip is this layout? A white frame and thick white matting and you are in business.
What I love most about it, it represents the city I now reside in and the marvelous subway system we have here. I love when people LOVE their city and totally represent in their home (and not in sports team flags) through really stylish artwork. 

super chic map of LA...
a gorgeous map of Paris...
or two...
a chic London poster...
the Beverly Hills palm trees...
the beautiful beachside cities of Italy.