Style-icious Sunday: living in the navy

With the crisp fall air and the winter season steadily approaching...
I am already preparing and NAVY is all I want right now.
Mostly because I am in maid-of-honor mode and planning my besties' wedding is making me love navy even more, we are thinking navy and pink...
So, as you can imagine, navy is all that is on my mind lately and I want to share the love.
Getting cozy in bed in a navy cashmere sweater is just screaming domestic bliss to me. 
I love texture through fabrics, and these gorgeous navy silk drapes are so seductive to the senses.
Mix in a dash of gold for glamour and you have instant style! 

Are you guys loving navy as much as I am, or is it just me?

images from Porter design, pinterest, domino mag

Style-icious Sunday: Decorista Pink

When I spoke at the CRAVE NYC chat earlier this week (I will do a re-cap for you all very soon) a lot of people asked me about my visual branding of the blog...
They asked me why I chose the style and look that I did and I was very quick to point out that the first thing I knew that I wanted when thinking of my blog brand was PINK. HOT PINK.
Why? Because I am a total girlie girl and for me girlie = pink. It's also bold, fierce and totally stands out in a crowd. The best way is to add a dash of hot pink to any mix and it instantly perks up the look.
Like this chair. the pop of pink excites me!
Studies show that the color pink inspires love and makes you just feel...happy!
This is how I would add pink to my office space...
and I just really want to live here....

all images found here...

Style-icious Sunday: decorating with roses

Being that hurricane Irene has caused me to be indoors for a few days, I decided to brighten my world with white roses all around my apartment. Sometimes domestic bliss is in the little things...
When styling spaces, I like to make sure that at least some sort of bloom is in each vignette. It just really finishes off a fabulous display of beautiful accessories. It even compliments the most gorgeous fashions too!
nothing is more delicate and pretty than a light rose color palate...
roses always make the perfect centerpieces!
images via weheartit + pinterest
P.S. So many of you have written the sweetest emails about my new newsletter series, decorista deluxe. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you are enjoying it...stay tuned, lots in the works for this weeks!  

Style-icious Sunday: rainy day decor inspiration

Such a heavenly sunday in the city today. Rain in the streets and decorating on my mind. I have got to get together some inspiration for my new space. I can't wait to get it all done already, I am the most impatient decorator when it comes to my own space. Today I am inspired by the color palates of these adorable fashionistas with bubble umbrellas, something I definitely wish I had incredibly chic are those sweet umbrellas?


and current love of green! 

Style-icious Sunday: safari chic

So, I am headed back on a plane today to LA. A last minute get away. Partly getting out of the hectic city life and partly doing some work. An old client of mine, one of my very very first and most favorites, bought a new home in the hills and wants to change up some things. I am so excited to get back to work on a big California spread, as opposed to the teeny spaces in nyc. Today, I am totally inspired by the exotic skins and animal prints that this client love. So safari chic and oh so masculine.

image sources: unknown all collected from tumblr...if you find a photo that is yours, let me know. ill be happy to credit.

Styleicious Sunday: black and white stripes

Want to make sure to add some style to your summertime occasions? Try black and white stripes, they  are a definite staple in any decoristas life. They give the phrase 'effortless chic' a whole new meaning. Summertime is the perfect time to indulge in the chic look, maxi dresses, beach towels, outdoor pillows, umbrellas...all of it is absolutely essential! 

images: 1) villa 2+3+5) unknown 4)via 6) lonny 7+8+10)skonhem 9)elle 11)via

Style-icious Sunday: in love with all things tufted

Last night we had our housewarming party at the new place and let me tell you all, it was a blast! Everyone went crazy for our tufted sofa, it was a total find! I realized how much people love tufted do I. Who doesn't love tufted pieces? Headboards, chairs, sofa's,'s that extra detail that makes the furniture that much more beautiful.
I am just crazy about tufted leather, this brown chair, so masculine and chic...just melts my heart.

Style-icious Sunday: color blocking magic

Happy July 4th weekend everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the massive sales as much as I am. I am heading back to my beautiful state today...california. Beyond excited to get back home to my friends, family and that beautiful sunshine that gives me power. 
In my suitcase for this trip...nothing but color! This season I am smitten with the color blocking trend, as we all know, I love neons and bright pinks! In my closet, I love solids and mixing bright colors together is the ultimate fun. In my interiors, I love bold and mixing those rad colors gives me the ultimate rush. 

Style-icious Sunday: light, bright and flea market chic

It's a beautiful day in the city today, the weather is perfect! Dying to head to the local thrift and see what fun things they might have for my new digs. While I am much more modern glamour...I am secretly in adoration of the thrift store finds and romantic glamour that goes along with it. The eclectic mix of items can be incredibly pretty. 

Style-icious Sunday: glamorous and golden

There is nothing like an oversized gold sunburst above the bed to make a statement in the bedroom. The placement of this piece is the perfect addition of that glamorous "wow" factor to add to the simplicity of an all white room. White and gold is one of my favorite color combos of all time. Here, the kiss of blue and white pillows just seals the deal. It's got me craving some gold glamour in my life....

These is something so chic about strategic moments of gold.
I also happen to adore the look of purple and gold together, its so very regal.


Style-icious Sunday: feminine romance

Oh the magic of being a woman. I love everything about being my alone girlie time. I love the art of getting ready, the lotions and creams and delicious perfumes. I love jewelry and lipgloss and sweet smelling roses. My favorite moments in life are luxuriating in my bedroom, lighting candles and sipping tea. Set the tone with great music and I am in pure domestic bliss. 


Style-icious Sunday: happy and confident color

No one will ever experience their destiny if they never step out and be bold. There is something so exciting about boldness and confidence. What I love about being in nyc is the people that surround me are so motivating and inspirational, especially the girls... ready and willing to put on a brave face, and go after their dreams. I feel that way about decor, you should always be bold and confident in color. color = happiness. 

photos via + elle decor

style-icious Sunday {you fancy, huh?}

Fabulous, flowing, fancy fabrics have been on my mind lately. Whether it be through fashion or interiors, I have fallen for the look of layered sumptuous fabrics. There is something so very magical about leaping onto a bed full of delicious sheets, pillows and blankets. I also love to touch really opulent drapery. Ugh, I just can't stand how much I love it. I may not have a particular style per se, but I will tell you this...the more fabric in my life, the better! 


style-icious Sunday {feeling very floral}

It's a lovely Sunday in the city and Easter is in full force today. Beautiful pastels and bright colors are permeating the streets. Spring has definitely arrived and I am loving this transition to amazingly bright florals and botanicals. So lovely and gorgeous, they remind me of the beautiful Los Angeles sunshine that I miss so very much. Today I revel in the vivacious colors that lovely florals bring...happiness!