The Art of Living...mixing black and gold make it luxe

Absolutely loving this black and gold piece of artwork over the nosh spot. Mixing these two stark colors instantly gives the look of luxury. If you are wanting to give your home a little bit more luxe, try adding a mix of black and gold. It can be through a piece of art or wall color and mirror...whatever your method, it can give serious style! 


The Art of in to masculine

I am seriously optimistic about masculine elements in a beautiful room. I have been in love with the look of worn leather these days. Something very sentimental happens when you add an element of anything worn and worn leather just screams masculine chic to me. Ladies, never be afraid of the look, the boys definitely dig it and if you open yourself to just might rock your world. 

It doesn't need to be a big ugly sofa, but a touch in the form of a chair or ottoman can completely do the trick!


The Art of to decorate Mid Century Modern style

I love all styles of decor, its part of being a decorista to the core. Not every style looks good though and mid century modern is one of those that can go all wrong. I particularly love this home and how they rocked the look. Lots of white really keeps it fresh and piles of colorful cushions gives a little extra kick. The best part, really good artwork and gorgeous woods, you can't have old ratty wood for this look. It will kill it and be far too retro. Take a style cue from this fabulous pad. Oh and p.s. how GORGEOUS is that light fixture? So so good! 

style at home

The Art of Living...getting creative with headboards

My mind is filled with creative ideas today. I found this gorgeous quilt that reminded me of this photo and it got me thinking about different and unique headboards.
I love the idea of an original one of a kind headboard. It creates an unexpected visual interest in the bedroom. Here are some ideas to get your mind going... just let the creativity flow. 


The Art of to display your shoes

Shoes. What girl doesn't love her shoes? Really beautiful ones are almost like art themselves. I have been known to buy an expensive pair of shoes just because I love to look at them. I once left a pair on my dresser because I didn't want them hiding in the closet...le sigh. 
I love seeing clever ways to display your shoes.

here are some of my favorites...


The Art of to decorate with screens

One of my clients had crazy misconception about decorating with screens. They saw a screen that they absolutely loved, but thought it wouldn't be of any use in their home because they don't want to divide up space. Well, I thought it would be appropriate to make sure that all of you know there are so many more uses for screens than just dividers. You can use them as a beautiful headboard, to soften a corner, or as a beautiful art piece on the wall. The larger scale, the better, they can always be a beautiful addition to any home.

The Art of to decorate a fireplace

The next few days here in New York are supposed to be wildly snowy. So aside from the bevvy of blogger/magazine launch parties this week, I'd love to be bundled up next to the fireplace catching up on the online glossies. Which brought me to the question that most readers ask me... 
"how do I decorate or style my fireplace?"
I am always a huge fan of artwork above the fire, something extraordinarily beautiful to gaze at.
Mirrors work too, they open up the space and with beautiful ornate framing can be a lovely sight.
A combination of both art and mirrors can work extremely well too.
I especially love this purple room and how to use architectural elements (ie. graphic molding) to create a beautiful look with amazing style.

images here and here

The Art of Living: gorgeous gallery walls

So, I've landed in Dallas, Texas...the first stop on my traveling tour...yay!
Tomorrow, I get to visit Nest Dallas to hang with the beautiful Beth Doloto and I am so excited.

My favorite part of being back in my home state is seeing all the photos all over the walls of our family. Years and years of memories displayed perfectly for my enjoyment.
Which makes me realize how beneficial gorgeous gallery walls are. 
These stunners have really caught my eye and now I'm totally inspired to create a gallery wall for a new e-decorating client of mine. 
It's perfect to fill up an entire entryway like above, I truly adore the look.
{There is a method to the effortless looking madness.}

The Art of room layout ideas

I love the layout of this Windsor Smith living room. It's kind of perfection in my eyes.
The placement of furniture is always key in the living room.
You always want to create a focal point (something beautiful to gaze at) while at the same time making sure there are ample relaxing & conversation spaces. It is a learned art form, but here are some I like to keep around for inspiration.

I'm also kind of crazy about this home. The irregular living room floorplan is always a challenge but I love how everything is blended together so effortlessly. The odd brown leather chair over by the shelving is genius for extra seating. Something else of fabulous note is the daybed with open sides so that the space isn't broken but creates a flow, such a great idea.

The Art of Living...impress your guests in the powder room

The surefire way to make a huge statement in the home is the guest bathroom. It's probably an afterthought when decorating your home, but trust me, everyone notices the powder room.
I adore wallpaper in the powder room. Really dramatic and bold wallpaper is best when its placed in small rooms, like these teeny washroom spaces.
all images via pinterest

in other blissful news...
I am sharing my LA shopping secrets on
you must check it out. 

The Art of Living...mixing winter decor elements

As I am sure you can tell, lately I have been fascinated by furs + taxidermy. I think its because they are both equally fundamental parts of winter weather decor. Los Angeles has been getting crisper by the day and I'm getting to snuggle up with my fabulous fur throws. So delicious. I love the way this editorial mixes the two elements of decor. They blend together so well... the soft & delicate texture against the hard & masculine style, its just perfection.

Have you guys checked out pinterest yet? If not, you should...its brilliant!

The Art of Living...decorating moments of masculinity

Just like any other decorista, I go crazy for a bold and feminine room...
however, mixing in some masculinity into an interior can create such a perfect harmony.
It's almost too good to resist.
An easy way to pop in a gentleman's vibe is by using amazing taxidermy, 
aka well mounted antlers.
Decorating with antlers is major unabashed masculinity and I highly recommend trying it.
If you can't stand the sight of real life anters, Zgallerie has a great collection of plastered white ones that are also incredibly chic. Check out their latest collection.

{Please note that this look can easily be overdone. So limit your creativity to soft panache.}

The Art of to display art {the lonny magazine way}

Perfecting the art of displaying your art is something that is learned over time.
There are various different approaches to the execution, there will never be a perfect way.
What I can tell you is that when carefully done and thought out, 
the proper presentation naturally happens
and the outcome can be magnificent (even if you aren't a decorator).
In the latest issue of Lonny Magazine,
(october-november 2010...go take a look its sooooo good!),
I found so many fantastic images that are sure to inspire your inner art gallerina!
all images and interior design/decor ideas via Lonny Magazine

The Art of Living: using curtains to make a statement

I am always a sucker for pink. It's the girlie girl in me.
How incomplete would this dining room look without these amazing panels?
Fabulous curtains are essential to the basic elements of a stylish home.
You would be amazed what the right drapes can do for your space.
They cozy-up even the most modern spaces and
just the right amount of flair can give romance to any room.
When done right, they can be multi-tasking too.

The Art of Living: How to decorate your fireplace mantle...

The ever lingering question of what to put on the fireplace mantle is asked again and again.
It's a timeless tradition, I guess...
I truly believe there is never a right or wrong method. The fireplace is the coziest spot in the house and I believe its where you should place your homes most treasures gems.
Notice these particular fireplaces are not styled as a designer would, purpose + symmetry are out of the question.
However, they are layered up with love and decorated to perfection!