Home Tour: Kristin Gallipolli's sophisticated retro

The minute I laid eyes on this stylish abode I knew I had to share. It's a little over the top playful + fun, but there is something different about it that really caught my eye. The orange and pink together creates a more modern vibe as opposed to a girlie one which is hard to pull off. Lots of exotic, modern and vintage pieces are paired together to create an unexpected twist on the 60's retro look. Maybe its going to for a sophisticated retro vibe, as that gorgeous lucite coffee table is completely stunning and brings the decor up a few notches. 
Its a fun and whimsical space, that's why I like it. Oh, and of course the punches of color...you guys know how I feel about the colorful couch thing.
Images: New England Home, Photos: John Gruen via Shelter

Home Tour: Loving Lisa Vanderpump Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

As much as most of us abhor reality shows, I have become addicted to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Tomorrow night is the finale, do you guys watch it too? I love it because for one, I live here and two because of the gorgeous homes these women live in. Lisa Vanderpump is one of the women you just love, you could totally see her as your best friend. 
Her home is absolutely stunning. There are no words for the grand and gorgeous palace she lives in. 
Take a peek at her style. 
Any girl who decorates with beautiful touches of pink, wins my affections. It's over the top glam.
Now for the beautiful master suite...
how fabulous is this closet? I have always dreamed of this...
As much as I love all the pink, I think the other bedrooms are perfectly exquisite.
Now, this part I love...
In a departure from all the feminine decor, they threw a bit of dark, dramatic and masculine for the pool room and I obviously love that they have a purple pool table. So chic and fun.

Now I could get used to lunching on the patio like this....
Stunning! Oh, the delight I would have living here. 

office space of the day...west elm infused home tour

fab white desk + plush office chair + gorgeous big lamp + zebra tray + horsie art =
domestic bliss

Oh that Lonny magazine just never gets old to me...the latest issue is absolutely fabulous. My favorite space is the space of Angel Dormer, West Elm's Style Manager. Her Manhattan apartment caught my eye at first sight (especially her super hip office space). It's stylish, playful and full of vintage style that would make any girl swoon. Totally based on 60's decor, she nails that modern/chic california vibe that I have always adored.

Take a moment with me and revel in her marvelous decor style.

now I'm off to Austin, Texas...

My short and super sweet time in Dallas has been so lovely but now I am off to my home city, Austin.
I love Austin, it's a beautiful town, reminds me a little bit of Los Angeles (I am missing LA like crazy). The thing I love about austin & la is the gorgeous greenery throughout the city...
oh and the fantastic views to boot.

This is one reason I love LA, the beautiful modern design + gorgeous view.
However, I won't be missing out too much. Austin has gorgeous views of its own. Take for example this fabulously modern lake house designed by Kasey McCartey.
The wood walls are majorly hip,  and the views are obviously killer.

A Saturday swoon worthy home

As I pack all of my things up this weekend, I find myself already dreaming up what my next home will be decorated like. Visions of so many things dance in my head. I am especially inspired by this eclectic parisian style inspired home. A little bit of modern country, a little bit of glam. 
The turquoise dressers are killing me. I'm crazy about them...
and feeling uber inspired.

Home Tour: white, pink and completely fabulous

Majorly loving this fabulous loft space I found while browsing madebygirl (who doesn't find ridiculously cool stuff on her site..right?). Pinks, purples and red, the very best of the berry hues mingle perfectly with soft creams, browns and whites.
I love the art of a really good mix in decor.
The beautiful white brick wall plays the perfect backdrop to wooden beams and glossy chandelier. Breezy white curtains seal this room with a kiss. Oh, I am so mezmerized.
High-tail it over the the gorgeous gray kitch'...my eye spies a fabulous pink fridge!

Home Tour: Glamorous living with a Sea of Shoes

Have you ever read the adorable fashion blog called Sea of Shoes.
She is so delicious, I just love her crazy cool style.
The girl has killed the fashionista blog world. I love it.
Jane and her mom reside in Dallas, Texas (woo hoo!) and are a blogging team.
Check out her home tour...so fab.
and how fabulous is this amazing closet?
Isn't this Dallas, Texas home so Hollywood Glamorous???
Another home in Texas that I just can't get enough of...
this gorgeous + modern living room says it all. Check out this gorgeous home tour.

Home Tour + Bliss in the kitch'...sara tuttle style

The lovely way Sara Tuttle decorates her interiors just blows me away. I have such a girl crush on this woman. She was named as one of Domino Magazine's "10 decorators to watch"...which made me instantly know I would love her. 
In her ultra stylish apartment, this richly dark kitchen is perfection mixed with the white cabinetry. Can you get over the fabulous floors? So traditional, so stylish, so chic for such a small space.

I love the rest of her gorgeous Washington DC digs. Packed to the max with some serious style. 
I can appreciate her mix of furniture styles and artwork. The highs and the lows are all over this space. Completely achievable on a budget...It definitely had me at hello.
In this bedroom, so many little details create the perfect relaxing boudoir...
not to mention a killer view!
all images via SPPN

Home Tour: glamorous vintage style is the perfect winter decor

In the pursuit of fabulous finds for winter decor, my decorative eye has turned so romantic.
I have fallen more in love with decor from all over the globe and the 
"scandinavian maximalism
look has captured my adoration rather quickly.

This incredible apartment shown above is the home of a supremely stylish gal, Camilla, who owns a gorgeous glam & vintage decor shop called Milla Boutique. Her home has the perfected the look of ethereal and glamorous winter-time romance
Couldn't you imagine relaxing here on a cold winter night?
A candle lit bubble bath maybe or a cozy evening in bed watching old black and white movies...
I will be forever daydreaming of that.
(oh and decorating with a photo of kate moss is highly suggested)

However, her home wasn't always so dark and lovely.
Take a peek at the delicious look of her home just a few months back. This bright, vintage and glam space just took my breath away. Whether this home has its bright & lovely spring look or its dark & dreamy winter look, I would be ready to call her "home" instantly!

a shout out to dagny for the lovely introduction to this amazing home...

Home Tour: an Elle Decor favorite beauty maven & her husband

This is the fabulous + beautiful residence of makeup artist Jeanine Lobell (the Stila makeup maven), and husband actor Anthony Edwards from Elle Décor. So on point with the decor, utter bliss!
 This bed just speaks my language, I love the pattern.
I am also gushing over the fact that the glossy black console has gold trim, such sophistication.
and I think we all know how I feel about hot pink on the walls...loves!
That mid-century console plays off the femme hue rather perfectly, don't you think?
and there we have some domestic bliss for your eyes!

Home Tour: A glamorous pad you don't wanna miss!

 I love me a stylish decorista! 
Tina, my new bff, a blogger and total design freak shared her home tour with me 
and of course, I couldn't wait to share with all of you.
Her and her boyfriend renovated this amazing spread and it is total decorista perfection!
Stripes on walls, deep black curtains, sparkly accessories, amazing artwork, glossy black furniture and lucite goodness. Did I mention that I am crazy about the art?
This pad is absolutely my type of space!
love. love. love. love. love.
 see more of Tina's home tour

Home Tour: everything is bigger + better in Texas

Being that I was born and raised in Texas, I am always in support of anything that comes out of my home state. I have to say, not much really captures me as far as Texas design goes. However, Dallas is stepping up its game. In the latest issue of DHome mag, I found an inspiring spread of a beautiful Park Cities home. Maleiah and Ryan Rogers, the grandson of Mary Kay Ash and his wife, redecorated the former home of interior designer Susan Baten. How exciting and challenging all at the same time. I'd say they kept the pad pretty fashionably stylish. I am loving her dressing room/closet and the gorgeous soft colors throughout the home. I am completely impressed by the fabulous couple. Go Dallas Go!

Home tour: Charlotte + her blissfully blue pad.

I don't know if you have noticed recently but blue is becoming my biggest design addiction.
My eye has been so drawn to homes with hues of blue all throughout the home.
Blue = Bliss.

This particular home I have been loving lately is from the May 2010 issue of LivingEtc.
I haven't seen it anywhere on the net and have been dying to share pics of it with you.
It's the home of a sweet girl named Charlotte and her man.
I absolutely love the ways they have used blue all over the home, even the kitchen.
And for my fascination of blue + pink, they have placed hints of the pretty color in the perfect places.
I adore this home tour!
How fun is this cabinet covered in blue zebra wallpaper. so very decorista!
I know its hard to see, but in the bedroom they painted the walls a very pale light blue and went bold with the bedding. I think its perfection.
I apologize for the poor photo quality...one day i promise i will buy a better one. ;)

bliss in the kitch' {an Austin Artists' Abode}

This post is a shout out to my hometown, Austin, Tx. I love you Austin!
Photographer Dave Mead resides here in this vintage, country, and retro adorable home with his gorgeous wife and son. The best way to describe his style...ECLECTIC.
I am blown away by the uber cool style, quirky + artistic pieces of art and how that much wood isn't making me want to vomit.
It's very similar to 'Loz Feliz chic' here in Los Angeles, I can totally dig it.
Images courtesy of... Rare Magazine + Creative and Sons