The Decorista tip of the day...go for serene in the bedroom

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This weekend I was in such need for a good nights rest. Then I realized why its so important to make sure your bedroom is a peaceful haven to retire to. I think its perfectly okay to go with very light or no color in the bedroom (even though I am usually all about color). Have you ever noticed how all white bedding is just so inviting? Pattern is more than welcome in a serene bedroom just keep it monochromatic. I am absolutely loving these bedrooms that give my eyes complete peace. 
So, when decorating your bedroom, make sure to create a place that draws you in.
Your body will totally thank you! 

Home Tour + Bliss in the kitch' : a pastel paradise

I am all for bold and beautiful colors in design. Conversely, there are times when my palate gets overloaded and I would relish the feeling of coming home to a muted color scheme like this beautiful home. I adore the pastel colors of this home, the bedroom is so relaxed and cozy. Sometimes no color, says so much more than bold and bright color, no?
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decorating with ORANGE AND NAVY

House & Home
House & Home

Amanda Nisbet
It's the middle of the week and inspiration is abounding all over the internet. 
I can't keep it all together, but I will tell you this...
Orange and Navy are a killer color combination and these rooms cannot begin to describe the dynamics of this combo. Effortless and extraordinary!
I urge you to not be afraid of using either color in your home as they are the ultimate
"statement making" colors!

a coveted cover color story...Vogue Living Australia Nov/Dec 2010

Obsessing over the gorgeous & bright colors on the latest cover of Vogue Living Australia.
It's modern, fresh and fantastic. 
I can't wait to devour what's inside... I bet its full of inspiration!
As always, I am up for checking out a peek inside of the famed designer Ilse Crawford.
As for whose home this is on the cover, I have yet to know...but it looks incredibly deelish!

image via tabletonic

inspired by jewelry! decorating with emerald green

How incredibly gorgeous + rich is this emerald green & gold jewelry?
This fall, I am all about jewel tones and this deep green hue is just intoxicating!
Whether its through silky bedding, greenery, cozy quilts, uber delicious velvet settees, malachite wallpaper, or glossy green leather dining chairs, it makes such a bold + gorgeous statement!
love. love. love. love. love.

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The Decorista tip of the day... how to add a punch of fun color

If you are at the hardware store this weekend...
pick up some paint swatches for your home decor.
This is such a genius idea to add a punch of colorful fun to your kid room decor!


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fashion meets and the city 2 style {color combo pink + blue}

bright blue + pink carrie bradshaw look
bright blue + pink interior decor color combo...
i am sprung on your fresh vibrance!

and this was the picture that inspired it all (my love affair with pink + blue)!!!!
images courtesy of...
asher + roth
brabourne farm

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secret to domestic bliss #12...spring colors

Currently the sun is out and the weather is warm.
I am loving it.
In my excitement, we here at my apartment have decided to create a brightly colored lounge
on our patio. I have been looking in all the latest mags for inspiration and
bright and fun colors are everywhere!
Living Etc, Elle Decor, even Traditional Home all feature bright neon colors in the home.
It must be the new trend.
While I may not be able to redo my home...I can totally change my patio!
Some of my inspiration...

and check out jonathan adler's new line...