Tablescape tuesday {what to look for at the thrift store}

Love the look of this shabby chic tablescape? 

For mere pennies you can recreate the look...
All you have to do is hit up the local Goodwill or Salvation Army and stock up on these goodies.

Brass candlesticks, You can literally find these everywhere for less than $2. What I suggest doing is getting some spray primer and paint in bright white. Then you can get some light pink long tapered candles to complete the look. (You can change the colors of candle according to your decor...snazzy!)

 It's true, beautiful bright white china is usually out of the budget BUT a saavy decorista can re-create the look of beautiful dinnerware by scouring the thrift stores for mis matched pretty pieces.  The trick is to keep your plates to the same accent color scheme (think golds + pinks, or silver + turquoise), after some time of shopping you will have build yourself lovely collection. It will look like magic on the dinnertable.
Clear mason jars are probably the easiest on the budget and will totally recreate that fishbowl look that elegantly embraces beautiful blooms. They can also serve as hurricanes for tea-lights when flowers aren't and will create a magical mood.
I firmly believe that mismatched flatware in silver is effortless. Literally they come in bundles at your local thrift store or flea market. Choose your favorites and don't worry if they look awkward, their individual beauty will shine through come dinner time.

Don't be afraid of purchasing random breakfast chairs from your local thrift. The more different each chair is the better. The key is to make sure that the chairs are really sturdy and have a strong base. They are unloved little guys who will look brilliant together with two coats of bright white paint and some light sanding. Once they are all finished they will give that perfect shabby chic look.
all images via flickr.

The Art of Living...decorating ideas for the toilet tank

 It is always such a chore to figure out what to do with the top of the toilet tank, no?
Here are a few decorating ideas for your pearly white tank! 
It may not be the most beautiful place of the home, but why not impress your guests and take the extra effort to make it look its best! It would be so very Decorista of you.

secret of domestic bliss #30...decorating with birds

Sometimes, decorating can be daunting when you are trying to create a welcoming + cozy home but you feel like your look is a little stuffy. The key is adding whimsical touches to your space. If you don't have a bevvy of whimsical items around and you appreciate being "clutter-free", try throwing birds into your decor. There are a multiple ways to incorporate this adorable and happy animal. 
I personally love elephants, but lately, I have been utterly inspired to throw in a few birds to my apartment...and I must say, they absolutely make me smile!
See if you can spot the cuties...

the Art of Living...cleverly displaying your jewels

The minute I saw this photo, I feel instantly in love.

I took a quick notice at how the lovely jewels are displayed. 
I am always looking for creative ways to hang my necklaces so they are on display + chic.
So I toiled around the blog-o-sphere for a while and checked out how other decorista + fashionista bloggers hang their necklaces.
Some fabulous ideas here ladies, take notes!

lovemaegan. cupcakesandcashmere. scandinavianchic. ariannabelle. rebeccajune. smart+sassy.

high gloss black is back...

and looking really good.
Want to know how to revamp your home by mixing some high gloss black paint into your interior decor?

repaint a high back winged wicker chair for your chic + cozy living room.
find some old mirrors and repaint them with the beautiful glossy color...throw them on top of some beautiful blue wallpaper and call it a day!
spice up your gorgeous green walls in the bedroom with a glossy black headboard to die for!
images via kishani perera

decorista inspired art walls

The weekends in LA are just getting better and better.
The sun is shining and everyone is bustling about here in beverly hills. I am just loving it!
Totally why I moved out here from Texas....these are the moments I remember why. 

This weekend I am on a mission! The art wall in my room needs some art, and not just a few bits but I want my wall covered in beautiful art.
I am always inspired by the gallery and I am extremely inspired by some of these walls that are filled with art from wall to wall.
I just love the way it looks, something about the way an art wall can capture personality is so inviting.
My sweet friend Jami and I are hanging out today and hitting up Dwell on Design .
Hopefully I will get inspiration there too, for now, he is what is speaking to my heart...
images via...elle decor, mrs.blandings, everythingLEB, ritakonig, 

The Art of to decorate open shelving with style

I have always been a fanatic for open shelving. I absolutely love the way it looks in a space.It allows for complete freedom when personalizing your space.Have you ever been to someones home and stared at what they displayed in open shelving?It speaks volumes to a person or family's story, where they have been, what they love, etc.Personally, I don't have much open shelving, but I am always looking for ways to incorporate some in my apartment. I genuinely love so many things I own and want to display them all.
Here is some inspiration for decorating your open shelving and giving it a chic + stylish look.

(these photos were sent to me in an email. so i dont know sources. email me if these photos are yours and i will be happy to credit you)

secret of domestic bliss #23... decorate with your magazines + books

If you are like me and a self professed "design nerd", you probably have more books and magazines than you know what to do with. I mean, we all love a good bookcase filled with tons and tons of fabulous books, but what happens when you run out of room and places to put your
treasured reads....stacks and stacks of books + magazines.
My mom used to sneak in my room and throw them all away so when I finally moved out on my own I started to keep every single can imagine I have quite a collection.
I have learned that It doesn't have to look junky (see mom!).
You certainly can make your home look chic and stylish with stacks and stacks of mags + books.
Don't you agree?
(this is my aunts house in NYC....and it looks uber sophisticated with piles of books)

(i love books in the kitchen...something carrie bradshaw would do)

loving how this blogger rocked the stacks look in her home studio...

or you can be really clever and do a little something like this. love!

images from... unknown, sc, domino, nymag, pw, bruce hemming, rearranged design,,designsage, mfamb, designsponge, lovemaegansimplyseleta ,

secret of domestic bliss #21...decorating with collections

Lately I have been noticing how much I adore designing with collections.
I really think at least one collection of special items is vital to your home.
A collection can say so much about a person...what you love, where you have been, etc.
Figuring out what to collect can be a bit daunting if you are not a collector.
All you have to do is find something that you enjoy looking at or have a fondness for and then starting picking them up everywhere and anywhere you see them.
I have a collection of elephants that I absolutely adore and each one brings back memories of the fun places that I picked them up or the person who gave them to me as a gift.
Collections can be such an enjoyment for your space. 
If you have no idea what or how to collect, here are some inspirations for yours!
 tobi fairley
 traditional home

secret of domestic bliss #20...a well decorated coffee table

I am currently working on giving a revamp to an apartment here in my neighborhood.
First up, the living room has got to be given some life.
One surefire way to give a living room a little spice is by jazzing up the coffee table.
Most homes have a remote or two and maybe some coasters, if they are smart.
By all means dwellers, liven up your r + r area with some of your favorite accessories.
Books, cool looking objects, you might even throw a candle or two in the mix.
Whatever you love, display it right in front of you so that you may actually get some use out of it.
The books on my coffee table are the ones I flip through the most.
Displays your favorite things with pride and remember...don't forget to use trays!

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the Art of Living... how to set a breakfast table

Setting the table for breakfast is a luxury I only get on the weekends.
(Usually only Saturday because Sundays we go out for breakfast after church)
I relish my Saturdays for this very reason... nothing is lovelier than a beautifully set breakfast table.
My goal is always to make is simple AND lovely at the same time.
I bring out all of my favorite dishes, whether they match or not.
I brew my favorite coffee, set out all the fixings in adorable little saucers...
I fill a pretty clear pitcher of my favorite oj...
I slice up all the fruit I have and sort in different anthropologie bowls...
I light bright, citrusy smelling candles...
I try to always keep some bread for toast + jam...
I open all the windows...
and then I sit back and luxuriate in it all!

images courtesy of...
belle vivir
belle maison
sarah kaye 
picture of elegance