my heart is currently in San Francisco

Currently I am fantasizing about owning a Slim Aarons photo.
I love his work.
His poolside series in fantastic!
As I was googling his stuff, I came across an interior design firm called Palmer Weiss.
The firm is located in the lovely city of San Francisco.
When I laid eyes on this photo, I fell in love with it because this is one of my favorite 
photos from Slim's collection. I would die to have it.
I would die for my gallery to show his work.
Anyway, how fantastic is the design by Palmer Weiss? Pretty fresh I'd say.

idol: Paul Costello

Photography is one of those professions that I wish I would have taken in college. 
I love the way photos capture the essence of the subject. 
This photographer is no exception to those that capture brilliance.
You have seen his work in the glossy magazines that we adore so much.
Paul Costello rocks my world with his photographs of interiors. 
He has plenty of work on his website for your viewing pleasure.
Here are a few of my favorites.
I just love the way he captures women in their domestic blissfulness.

(i love these blue china plates)
i soooo want to cook in this kitchen

loving the zebra
i am desperately wishing i was in a photography class right now. 
i just think i might need to enroll.

getting snap happy, luxuriously

Ever since becoming a blogger, I have become a little snap happy.
Everywhere I go and everything I do, I want to document it.
Not to mention the fact that I lost my grandfather earlier this year and not only was he an AirForce fighter pilot, but he was a photographer as well.
He took pictures all over the world and thanks to him our family has thousands of happy memories in film or digital form.
Lucky me!
Needless to say, I am ever so anxiously trying to become a leisure photographer.
Simply as a hobby, nothing less, nothing more.

In my research I have learned that LEICA make the best cameras.
And the rockstar that I am, I feel that I must have the best. 
This beautiful orange number is exclusively made by Hermes, only 200 were made. 
Oh how I wish it could be mine...A little, ok maybe a lot, out of my price range, at 14,000$ these bad boys are costly. 
Camera't genius.
I want it sooooo bad!

So I can look like this...

and this...

Art is the gift that keeps on giving...

For all of you photographers out there + amazing art collectors, I dedicate this post to you.
Bob Willoughby passed away this weekend. During his career, he made a huge impression on the entertainment industry with his photographs. He even had a very close + personal relationship with Audrey Hepburn, one of my favorite Hollywood starlets.
His photographs bring the old hollywood to any wall they are displayed. 
These invaluable pieces are worth more than gold. 
To my designers, this is a perfect way to add glamour to any room and they are on my christmas wishlist.
Maybe a wee bit out of my personal price range, but a girl can dream right???

the fantastic original prints are shown at the gallery at which I work
{pick up yours for the holidays}

strike a pose

How blessed by God can I be? I actually got a really sweet opportunity to get photographed. My dear friend Mark took some amazing pictures for a look book and my photos are going to be in it! Here are some behind the scene photos of the awesome day. Hoping that I can do it again soon....hopefully, one day! :)

Poolside with Slim Aarons

photography happens to be one of those hobbies that i desperately wish i had time for. to fufill that desire i regularly hop over to my local borders for hours and hours of book candy. not only do i spend most of my time in the magazines and interior design section, i find myself constantly wandering over the photography books. This book is brilliant. Slim Aarons has a wonderful collection of works. Part of the reason he is so well known is his talent for capturing the art of luxuriously lounging poolside. (lounging poolside is one of the reasons i moved out to california). i'm hoping one day i get to own an original print.