Valentines @ the Viceroy

Sadly, the romance and the colors of Valentine's Day are long gone.
On the other hand, spring is on it's way!
The sun was in full force this weekend ( i got a great little tan), hopefully the rain stays away!
This weekend my boyfriend and I spent a romantic weekend
in Palm Springs yet again.
This time we mixed it up + spent our weekend at the VICEROY.
{My favorite designer, Kelly Wearstler's, palm springs design.}
Amazing place. Uber romantic. Modern design. Total relaxation.
I loved every minute of it. Everywhere you look, you are inspired by design.
I wanted to take pictures of it all so I could share it with my lovely readers
but my pictures do not do it justice.
Here are some I found on various travel sites on the net.
I wish you guys could see the amazingness that this hotel is in person.

Did you guys do anything different this Valentines weekend?

more... from kelly wearstler

Want to decorate like Kelly? I know I always do.
I came across this article at dailymailuk.
Here are some of her best how to's that I wanted to share with you.
Hope you enjoy!


Inject some Hollywood glamour into your home with Kelly’s decorating dos…


Always choose a colour that you love. I am fearless when I select colour. I go into my library at the office and pull out 30 or more hues in different textures and tones and something amazing always happens – even if it feels as though it’s by accident. So go to your wardrobe and pull out ten things and just look at them. Never force style: if you love pink, then go with it. Follow your heart.  


If you are not jumping for joy at the colour combination in front of you then don’t go for it. Colour is an emotional experience. 


Fashion and art blend references, and you can do the same in interiors. Experiment with cool, unexpected colours and try new combinations.  


If you decide to do a whole room in blue, you need something shiny, something matt and something with a little pattern. Without these three elements the room will not have energy or soul. You need a combination of big, medium and small textures. The weave of the fabric, the plaster on the walls and the pattern in the rug are crucial in building the overall picture.    


Snap up and collect anything and everything you come across that catches your eye. And carry your camera around with you. 


Avoid buying your items in one place, as the room will end up looking the same. Build your collection slowly and branch out and shop everywhere, particularly at markets, auctions and car-boot sales. 


I love black and white as it feels a little edgy and it works in any type of design. It’s the textures and materials that make it interesting. Black and white with a colour gives a crisp look and makes a room feel organised. 


Start with something you love – a painting, a carpet or a collection of stones, for example. If you have a pink abstract painting and you want it to be the big voice in the room, hang it on a contrasting coloured wall. But if you want to be subtle, then hang the pink painting on a pink wall. One way creates drama and the other harmony.


In LA we are not rooted in traditional design. We have the film business and everyone is trying to do ‘the next big thing’. That means we live surrounded by an incredible mix of things. That can be very freeing. 

Kelly Wearstler HUE

It's here, It's here! It's finally here. 
I have been awaiting this book for oh so long.
It is perfectly titled, 'Hue', because the colors in this book are outrageous
I respect her so much because she breaks the mold every time. 
True 70's + 80's style is back in and her whimsical style gives it the perfect complements. 
I am reading through it and devouring the pages over and over. 
I think for any girl who loves to decorate, this book will give you some insight for what's to come in design. 
I heart kelly wearstler!
(always the ultimate cover girl)
(so loving purple and gold right now)
(images from HUE)

Book Club

Anyone who knows me well KNOWS that I love kelly wearstler. She has been my design idol ever since the first day I visited Santa Monica and saw the Viceroy hotel. At my first job in LA, I actually got to meet her and I felt like I had met the president of the United States. This woman is incredible. Her designs are FANTASTIC, too! Her latest book, HUE, doesn't come out for a bit but I am on the waiting list, to get on the pre-order list because I cant stop daydreaming about what might actually be in it. (Hopefully some images of her home) It will feed me more than you know! I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!