The Decorista: What's on 7.31.10

  • I am absolutely loving the colors of Fall 2010...purples, nudes and grays are always delicious

    • The Fall 2010 collection by Rebecca Minkhoff is uber fun + so up my alley, as always. (How incredibly smart is this ad campaign...a bookshelf full of handbags...ooh la la)
    • I just can't get enough of the Jonathan Adler "show us your JA style" feature... it is such fun, I could browse all day.

    • I know it's still summer, but I can't stop thinking about wearing boots. I am loving all the fall fashions that are coming around. I am especially obsessing over tall, lace up boots...they are EVERYTHING to me right now!

    • I am so coveting one of these mac keyboard covers for my macbook. It's white and it gets so dirty...One of these bad boys is a blogger-ista essential!

    The Decorista: What's on 7.17.10

    • Thanks to my girl Jen, I am now obsessed with the site Deco My Place. Where people post pics of their homes for everyone else to enjoy. It's so addicting. I have been at it all day long.
    • I really never can get enough of office spaces...this amazing photography shows the essence of what I love the best, a girl and her working space.
    • I think I have a new love for Barbie art. Barbie is so chic and cool. I am totally into her.
    • I am so into OPI's Coney Island Cotton Candy nailpolish. So chic and perfect for this summer!
    • I am so beyond excited for Christina Aguilera's new album Bionic to come out.  I absolutely love her voice!

    • I don't know why but I absolutely adore this room in this book. Such a great shot!

    The Decorista: What's on

    • I was reminded that pink will never go unloved, this girls room shows why. I am just smitten with all of the gold accents. It makes me want a nursery to decorate stat!
    • I just cannot get over Olivia Palermo's dress that she wore in fabulous!

    • I am seriously addicted to Robert Pattinson and am determined to see Eclipse as many times as I can...anyone want to go to the movies??? Sigh! 
    • I am just absolutely hooked on Love Taylor...a blog by Rachel Zoe's old assistant. so cute! I just love her bags, shoes, style and we share a similar love for Chanel. I mean, come on, who doesn't love Coco Chanel? If you haven't seen Coco before Chanel, you must see now!
    • I am inspired by everything about this room, especially the green boxes. I love being organized and I am in a green mood this week! Maybe its the fact that the greens are so pretty in LA this time of year.