The joy of thrifting: Part 2

Remember back when my sweetheart and I went thrifting,
and we found a jewel for his super swanky pad?
(to refresh your memory see post here)

Well, we finally got it up! We are so excited and my boo is so excited because 
he picked it out all by himself.
After much hard work,and a few hefty tools...
Our prized piece is now on display...
It's perfect!
Don't you just LOVE vintage finds for the home?
We soooo do. 

the joy of thrifting

In Los Angeles, there are so many places to shop. It isn't however, until you stumble upon a hidden jewel of  a thrift store that you can actually feel happy! 
My sweetheart and I did some mega-shopping this weekend. 
His mom is an interior designer so he has been raised around decor and style.
He is a natural! I am so proud of him. 
He has a 70's swanky vibe going on in his apartment 
and we found the perfect lamp to add to the decor. 
We felt it was a total score! 
Yay for us, mega-thrift-shoppers. 
The day was a total blast.

(Here is the swanky, gold with a green undertone, gem)
So excited about his findings.

(After pictures to come soon!)