Life in Brooklyn...bright and breezy

I have a small little crush on Brooklyn. Everytime I go there, I have a great time...its just full of surprises. Like this adorable little studio, decorated by Nick Olsen, it's a complete treat! Pretty and light walls give it the ultimate pick me up feeling, total happiness. Each little adornment and detail is carefully done to ensure the perfect functionality for a super small space yet still keeping its visual beauty. Check out this video for tips on small spaces. I love the white with green trim everywhere, such a fresh combo.

images via everythingfab

nesting tables...more than one is a magical number!

After a weekend full of fun (and lots of birthdays in my life) I am ready to be back on the work grind. This week, I am in search of the perfect table for a certain project and I think I am all for a set of multiple tables, like nesting tables. They are a PERFECT solution for NYC apartments. They all fit into the size of one table, yet they can be pulled out to provide extra space when entertaining. Stylish, practical and oh so genius for small square footage decorating!