Lessons I Learned from Lonny...

I love what I do. Have I mentioned this lately? I am constantly getting emails asking for my advice from young students or those who want to change their careers and get into interior design. What's the best way you can learn how to develop your craft? 
My answer is probably one of my favorite pastimes, research & development. Practice decorating your own space and use it as a laboratory. The other part, indulge yourself obsessively in books and magazines in your field of choice. Continue learning. This last issue of Lonny, really did that for me...

LESSON #1: I was so inspired by the content in this issue, I really feel that I learned a few new things, actually old things but looking at them in a whole new way.
In these first two photos, I'm noticing the magic of white chairs with black legs. Separating the pair on either sides of the sofa makes for a really open and symmetrical look creating the perfect conversation space. 
LESSON #2: Busts and statues still are ultimate accessory for areas where you don't know what to put. When in doubt, throw one in the mix and let the magic unfold.
LESSON #3: There are a few essential pieces for the new stylish bar cart... A fabulous wooden antique  sideboard + a cherry blossom chinoiserie screen + sterling silver serving trays + gorgeous glasses. There you will have a winning combination.
LESSON #4: Horse art is happening! It is still some of the most stylish art I see out there. Groups of them together make for such sweet swagger. 
  LESSON # 5: Collections are cooler as clutter when displayed in color groups! Say that a few times fast. 
 all images via Patrick Cline for Lonny magazine

secret of domestic bliss #26 {a well organized closet}

Every girl knows the importance of having a well organized closet.
It's redundant to have to search for hours to find something to wear. I know we all run into that problem from time to time. That's why I am declaring this month of July to really stepping up my game and getting my closet completely organized.
Here are some essential organizational tools that every closet should have...
(one of my favorite actresses, Olivia Wilde, and her gorgeous dressing room. love!)
great lighting + wallpaper
ample space for shoes
matching hangers are an ultimate do!
a full length mirror is a must for trying on your duds...
i love a good vanity inside the closet...so femme
beautiful wallpaper and shelving for handbags go together so well
beautiful jewelry storage can be such a lovely sight to gaze at
a lush hot pink rug is oh so rockstar chic
just like in a kitchen, an island in a closet is a dream come true
and who doesn't love the ultimate dream closet of miss carrie bradshaw?

secret of domestic bliss #20...a well decorated coffee table

I am currently working on giving a revamp to an apartment here in my neighborhood.
First up, the living room has got to be given some life.
One surefire way to give a living room a little spice is by jazzing up the coffee table.
Most homes have a remote or two and maybe some coasters, if they are smart.
By all means dwellers, liven up your r + r area with some of your favorite accessories.
Books, cool looking objects, you might even throw a candle or two in the mix.
Whatever you love, display it right in front of you so that you may actually get some use out of it.
The books on my coffee table are the ones I flip through the most.
Displays your favorite things with pride and remember...don't forget to use trays!

images courtesy of...

secrets of spring...

Spring has arrived and so have the flowers...
Want to learn how to make the perfect bouquet for the home?

  1. Step1

    Begin by unwrapping the greens from the plastic. Cut the stems of them at an angle under room temperature running water. Arrange these so that they circle the vase evenly.

  2. Step2

    Unwrap the babies breath, also cut the stems of these ones at an angle under water, and disperse them around the vase, between the greens.

  3. Step3

    Now take and unwrap the flowers. Picking each one up singly cut the stem at an angle under room temperature running water. These may be cut at different lengths, so some may stand above the others and have a fuller look. Take each flower and arrange it between the greens and the babies breath (I prefer these to be in the middle of them).

  4. Step4

    When all bouquets have been cut and arranged to liking in the vase, unwind the raffia and wrap around the vase once. Depending on the size of the neck of your vase you make be able to wrap this around more than once. However, after you have wrapped the raffia around the first time, tie once in the middle of the front of the vase and wrap for a second time. Tuck the ends into the raffia that is already wrapped.

  5. Step5

    Finally take a strand of the raffia (some may have fallen off while you were wrapping it) and thread through the loop on top of the charm you have chosen. Tie this around the wrapped raffia in the front of the vase. Now you have a beautiful personally designed bouquet of flowers. Enjoy!

    source. image courtesy of adaanddarcy

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