The other day somebody was asking me about my favorite designer. I have a few that pop right to mind, Kelly Wearstler obviously being right up there. It was a given to talk about how incredibly good she is at mixing patterns, she makes anything work. That's when I took a moment to think about who is good a mixing color and right then MILES REDD popped into my head. This man is just the ultimate color mixer. I think someone once told me that his design secret is that he comes from the place that
"all colors go together"...

And I do believe he is right. He really shows us how to make magic with anything. If you feel afraid of adding some color to your space, check out this guys work. He rocks it out. 

The Decorista tip of the color confident

Loving this saturday morning in LA. So excited to be back to the city of lots and lots of color!
So, as I'm sure you could get the minute I laid my eyes upon this photo, I died a little. OMG that is some major color action. How completely gorgeous is this colorful jewel toned living room spread? I mean come on, a teal chevron sofa, magenta chairs, minty green ruffled curtains. Major swoonage happening please, never be afraid to use or mix lots of bold color! 

images via the goods design...{design by Miles Redd, photos by James Merrell, from House Beautiful}