Apartment inspiration...Mixing Metallics

While I am getting all settled in I'm finding that I'm perplexed as to where to my put things. I want to shake things up a bit in my new space and I think mixing metallics is just the way to do it. I have been inspired lately by overseas decor, especially Parisian and London apartments. They mix metallics with no abandon.
Most things that I really want I cant find in the states. I have to shop abroad, which is kind of annoying. I like to find things from mydeals (UK version) and sometimes ebay can really work too. Have you guys ever tried to buy anything overseas? When I went on my trip to Paris in November, I wanted to buy everything and ship it back but... it's quite difficult, no?
Ah, but the findings are oh so dreamy...


bliss in the kitch': kitchen metallics

There is something very very sexy about metallics in the kitchen. I love the way a shimmery backsplash looks or a beautiful brand new shiny stove. Shine and sparkle go a long way with me in a modern kitchen and even the tiniest bit of sparkle in a more subdued kitchen looks smashing. 
If at all possible, I recommend you up the glam factor in your kitchen for some serious domestic bliss! 


how to decorate like a supermodel...jessica stam for Vogue

I've always adored Jessica Stam and her gorgeous apartment looks. This one might be my favorite right now. I am so inspired by mixing metallics, neutrals and woods. The gorgeous mirrored wall is the perfect way to add drama to any small space...so clever. I am also smitten with the luscious velvet sofa, it has a sheen that looks like metallic magic. Large windows, an adorable ceramic greyhound and modern lucite coffee table complete the sophisticated supermodel look. 

Wallpapers of the week...

Today, I am making the track down to Brooklyn (my first time) to do a little shopping with one of my most favorite clients. Our first mission...wallpaper. We are basically wallpapering her entire apartment, which is so exciting, especially for this decorista. I think we are going to convince her husband that a python wallpaper bathroom would be killer! yay! Anyway...today my mind is entirely focused and obsessing over wallpaper and I wanted to share a few I love...

I think my most favorite are neutral wallpapers and grey-ish wallpapers, ones with simple patterns. I especially love metallic wallpapers. The more natural looking, the more I love it. But never underestimate the power of color and dramatic wallpaper... its amazing too.

all images via lennox + decorpad

wallcolor wednesday... metallic love

Right now I am completely crushing on the seductiveness of this metallic wallpaper. I am loving this delicious silver rope print covering these gorgeous closet walls. I have a huge crush on metallic wallpaper right now.
Oh so glamorous and absolutely do-able in your home. Go for a small closet, entryway or bathroom.
How perfect is this metallic toile? I adore the teal green color pattern most of all.
I'm also fond of sweet metallic prints as well... a floral print has just stolen my heart.