if i were still a little girl...I'd want a little Peppermint Bliss

My lovely and sweet blogger friend Bailey from Peppermint Bliss is pregnant and she asked a few of us to put together a little girl's nursery for her. Check out my guest post at her blog today. 

If I was 8 again, I would absolutely want to live in this Windsor Smith designed bedroom.
Incredibly lovely, don't you agree? I am so inspired by cute little girls rooms like these...

Or maybe  room like this girlie fabulousness...


decorating with ORANGE AND NAVY

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House & Home

Amanda Nisbet
It's the middle of the week and inspiration is abounding all over the internet. 
I can't keep it all together, but I will tell you this...
Orange and Navy are a killer color combination and these rooms cannot begin to describe the dynamics of this combo. Effortless and extraordinary!
I urge you to not be afraid of using either color in your home as they are the ultimate
"statement making" colors!