Stanley Furniture meets Woodson & Rummerfield at High Point Market

I am literally counting down the days till High Point Market. I always look forward to my time with my favorite designers in the industry. It's a blast. Not only is it a blast, you get to see the latest and greatest in the design world. I've posted about last years market here
This year my former bosses (woodson & rummerfield house of design) + extended fam have partnered with Stanley Furniture to revamp their showrooms. This collaboration is kind of major. Here are a few shots of the showroom they revamped for Las Vegas Market, which blew everyone away...
 I just loved this eclectic art wall. 
They really turned out the showroom to a whole other level. Now, I keep watching the facebook + twitter for snaps of the inspiration for the new High Point Showroom and I am already in love. 
Emeralds. Gold. Black and white. Its looking good! 
Who is coming to High Point Market? I'll be giving a tour that you can sign up for, let me know and I'll get you details! 


this is what my life feels like. Working up a storm and everything spread out on the dining table. Luckily, I am a designer so everything that is laying around is beautiful and full of vibrant colors and patterns. I especially love a really beautiful long dining table. I am not lucky to have a space that big yet...for now I am all about round or...octagonal perhaps.

images 1//2-domino mag//3


Okay everybody. I sincerely apologize for not posting yesterday. Things are getting to busy around here I can barely keep up. Yesterday I had an amazing shoot at clients house, those days are the most fun part of my job I swear. One thing I did realize, I am crushing hard on wooden furnishings. Especially when they are accented with white. Nothing is better than a wooden and white dresser...

I am loving the contrast of the finishes together. It really makes an old modern dresser really come to life and have some glamour. The best works in masculine or feminine spaces and still looks so good! 


office space of the day...greek key dressers

pretty pink chair + glass desk + framed silhouette gold accents + greek key DIY dresser=
domestic bliss
I happen to love dressers with greek key molding on them, (a trend that still going strong) and I always find that they steal the show in many, many really well done rooms I see. I think turquoise and gold work so well together on this IKEA dresser hack.
I'm thinking that something like this black and white one below is exactly what I want to be working with in my new clients living room. 

Or you can even add the look in the details like these adorable greek key drawer pulls.

images via 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE: coffee table chic

When you don't have room for a regular sized coffee table as many of us Manhattan dwellers, there is a great way to improvise, a pair of cute tables. I really love the look of a hot pair of chic tables. It really does add serious style and you can get away with something a little more eccentric or fun. 
Now that I am on the hunt for the perfect pair for me, I have found that I actually really love me some little twinsie tables...

 two is better than one, ey?


needing. wanting. loving. (glass coffee tables}

I am currently on the hunt for the perfect glass coffee table for my digs...
It's honestly so overwhelming with so many different choices, especially when I am dying to find the perfect one. Since my apartment is deprived of space, glass is the perfect finish because it doesn't feel as heavy. However, I am desperately in love with black and brass finishes like these two living rooms have.
I love the looks of these tables, so I am inspired by them but wanting them with glass. 
Here are the ones I am obsessed with right now...
1.pretty brass and glass porterandpunk coffee table
2.hexagonal Horchow coffee table
3.This double level Worlds Away coffee table
4.a pair of black and glass coffee tables from Hayneedle

couch aqua tufted sofa

Okay, I've nailed down the wall color for my new least I think so. I am going for a GREIGE (grey and beige mix)...and I seriously love that word, it couldn't be cuter. 
To go in my seriously teeny studio, I want a big pop of color and I think I have fallen for this amazing tufted sofa. So colorful and full of personality...
This is the exact photo from the website. It's curvy and buttery in leather. I looooooooove it.
What do you guys think?????

Tablescape Tuesday: the skirted round table

Making your home a warm and cozy palace for your belongings is the ultimate domestic bliss. I have found that one sure way to make a lovely display piece for your most treasured items, aside from bookcases, are lovely skirted round tables. As you all know, I am loving layered fabrics lately and adding fabric to the tables in your home is the perfect way to achieve this look. My first choice is a fun zebra fabric or even a David Hicks pattern will rock your house, too. 


All things are crystal clear...the Tron legacy

I know I am a little late to the party, but over the weekend I watched the Tron Legacy movie and was instantly entranced by the set decor. So futuristic and yet still current, the clear hollywood regency style furniture totally blew me away. How fabulous would this clear furniture be in my home? I could not get over how gorgeous it was. 
Now, everything I need in my life is absolutely crystal clear...


nesting tables...more than one is a magical number!

After a weekend full of fun (and lots of birthdays in my life) I am ready to be back on the work grind. This week, I am in search of the perfect table for a certain project and I think I am all for a set of multiple tables, like nesting tables. They are a PERFECT solution for NYC apartments. They all fit into the size of one table, yet they can be pulled out to provide extra space when entertaining. Stylish, practical and oh so genius for small square footage decorating! 


The Art of Living: canopied bed luxury

I never thought this day would come, but I literally am speechless over this bedroom. Wow. What can I say, who doesn't dream of a gorgeous canopied bed draped with sumptuous fabric to just swallow you in as you fall yourself to sleep? It's the perfect epitome of what I imagine domestic bliss to be. For now, I will obsess over making the switch to a four poster bed. So luxurious and perfect high style, they are just as fabulous and will give me the illusion of a dreamy canopy...


playing around with python wallpaper + accessorizing

Okay, so by now I am pretty sure you know how much of a fanatic I am about python right now. I mentioned that I am currently about to embark on wallpapering an entire bathroom with python, so exciting!!! Now I am looking for other places and uses for python wallpaper or even contact paper. 
I have found some inspirational ideas that I am absolutely loving...

If you are interested in python wallpaper or need a good source for where to buy, email me!
and I am completely into the python tray that I spotted on MadeByGirl
and then next up on my list is this gorgeous python console desk. oh my goodness.
AMAZING! While its no longer available, I can totally make one myself with wallpaper.


needing. wanting. loving. {metallic earthy glamour}

Talk about love at first sight. This gorgeous Sequoia console from Zgallerie has literally taken my breath away. I want it immediately if not sooner. Gorgeous and glamorous and earthy...this console has got some serious soul. It's every bit the eclectic glamour that I feel is my personal look. This is essential for my new apartment, it has me thinking of a whole new decor scheme. I got it bad for this boy. 

art + room: fabulously colorful

perfectly lined sideboard + beautiful leopard chair + brass sputnik + beautiful graphic artwork =
domestic bliss

Okay, so New York city is absolutely blowing me away. I have been buzzing around this city like crazy. I am most fascinated by the beautiful art galleries... everywhere! This photo totally inspired my day yesterday of hunting this city for the best artwork finds for clients this week. All the artwork in the city is intoxicating!

image via sketch42

secret of domestic bliss #38... zebra ottomans

Absolutely every space in the world should have a little bit of something exotic. 
I will always suggest a beautiful zebra ottoman, it just makes a room sing.
They may seem to be a little repeated at this point, but a wild animal print is still so chic.
In my opinion, if your home needs a pick me up... grab one of these bad boys and rock it!
Easy peasy.