office space of the day...ORANGE curtains

No matter what season it is, ORANGE is one of those colors that translates through all seasons and styles. Its the most favorited color of the world. I wouldn't normally choose this color in my home (aside from displaying Hermes boxes about my space) but I find myself a fan of luxurious and rich orange curtains...
pale blue walls + gold frames + carved desk + jute rug + luxurious orange curtains =
domestic bliss



Every time I feel like I need some sort of revamp in my apartment, it is my natural instinct to change curtains first. It does everything to switch things up at home and give you a new look. Orange is not my first choice in decor but after seeing these collections of curtains in this  rich color, I suddenly had a change of heart...

LOVING the way they look against there lavender walls...
Even sweet light aqua blue walls works with orange like magic...
I'm thinking that I might need to do a little something in

Gerrie Bremermann designs//bellemaison23//


 I hope this post serves as a sort of public service announcement. I'm currently working with a new client on a living room space. They have some great pieces like a rug and sofa but just really don't know where to start. What I immediately noticed was their gorgeous and big bare windows. For me, when it comes to decorating, first thing you need to do to make a home warm and cozy...

 Honestly, curtains are like makeup, they complement the windows and highlight the bones of a room. They can make your space look taller, add a dose of gorgeous color, block out too much lighting, give extra texture + dimension, etc. There are so many things that gorgeous textiles will do for your space. Especially if you are renting and can't paint the walls, curtains can give you just what you need. If you don't have curtains up and are wanting to add a little something to your space go, get some and hang them! 
 Now, if you are wondering what kind of curtain or panel you should buy, beautiful curtains range all different colors, shapes, lengths, patterns, etc. I prefer to keep the pattern very simple, nothing too dramatic or busy but with bold color. Make sure to measure your windows correctly and always go a bit longer, the more fabric the better. 
 I love the look of color on color, like this kelly green on chartreuse green. In my apartment I have grey on greige and I love the way it looks almost monochromatic-like. 
Mixing colors works great too, this hot pink on brown walls is such a chic mix and light blue walls with a dash of lipstick red just makes the room have instant swagger. My decorista brain is just brimming with ideas for my new apartment, I am beyond thrilled to incorporate some fresh new color combinations, especially with this new little fashion inspired philosophy I have going on.
images via: one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight