COUTURE + COLOUR; black and white

Happy hump day Decorista readers! Morgan here with your Couture + Colour...Ashlina is out in Las Vegas speaking at Market and checking out whats hot in design...
This week's color(s) are inspired by the chic-ness that is Las Vegas and sophisticated
are black and white! One of my favorite color combos. Together they always look amazing and in my eyes you can never do wrong with black and white. 
1. Loving this sweet and fabulous black and white Ellery Ventures Dip Dye dress via
2. This white long fringe floor lamp would add the perfect touch of drama to any space!
3. I love the look of giving a long hallway a low stripe of color like this space above. image via
4. This black chaise pops in an all white interior, looks like a dreamy place to read a book. image via
5. There is some 60's black and white greatness going here, wanting this piece from 1st Dibs!
6. I am obsessed with this black and white photo collage Doug Meyer used as a wallpaper! Brilliant.
Mmm I love me some black and white, hope you like it too! Have a wonderful week!

COUTURE + COLOUR...neon yellow green.

Happy Wednesday readers, Morgan here with a color that makes me extra happy...neon!
This week I wanted to focus on the yellow-greenish neon, this color has such an electric pop to it. I love it.
1. I love this bold neon look from The Blonde Salad during fashion week in Paris. Stunning and fabulous.
2. Colored doors!! You know I love them. Image via
3. How adorable is this DIY neon chair from one of my favorite design blogs...
4. Another great neon DIY project, this one features two twin beds painted neon. Perfect for a teenager's bedroom...or guest room! Image via designsponge
5. I love a nice fancy bust statute, but I love one even more in this bright color. Image via
6. Neon bathtub surrounded by white subway tiles, it's heavenly! Image via designsponge
7. A stark white interior with a fabulously painted neon wall. Image via 
Neons can tend to frighten some, but I think it's one of the happiest and most exciting colors on earth!
Until next week...XOXO

COUTURE + COLOUR...white on white

Hello readers!! Morgan here with your midweek Couture + Colour. I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year! This week I wanted to focus on a color I love...white! It's a color that is always so fresh and clean, sometimes it's jaw dropping when it's white on white like the images below.
1. Lindsey Wixson wearing the fabulous Jason Wu from his Spring 2012 collection, this image is completely adorable and I couldn't love it anymore than I do. Image from this fashionista
2. An obsession of mine is feather lighting from ABYU Lighting, I dream about owning my own custom creation from Mr. Steven Wine!! 
3. This shot is stunning! I love all the white materials mixed, light, accessories, floor and wall. Image from
4.  I dream of filling my cabinets with  milk glass like the image above. Nothing makes a cake look more fabulous than clean white milk glass.
5. A white modern bedroom with a rustic ceiling...I would love a bedroom with that much wall storage, especially living in New York.
6. This sheep wallpaper is perfection!! I am wanting, loving and needing it. It's located in at BBH Global in NYC, best elevator lobby wallpaper I've ever seen!
Hope you love white as much as I do, until next...xoxo!!

COUTURE + COLOUR: Hot hot pink

Happy Wednesday!! Morgan here bringing you some fabulous splashes of hot decorista pink!
1. I love the way this girl mixed a classic look with some neon details (check out the beanie, skirt and bag) it's a settle way to wear hot pink! I loving that beanie...image via
2. There is an interior designer who I love love love...Abigail Ahern! I love this hot pink London residence designed by miss Abigail just as much!
3. One of my favorite wallpaper companies Flavor Paper does some crazy cool papers...this metallic hot pink fishnets and stilettos is just one of their unique papers. Not only do they do cool stuff they are a great company to work with!
4. This traditional table with an added layer of colored epoxy from  
Sschemata Architecture Office is stunning! My dinners would look extra fabulous served on this hot pink table!
5. Another design love of mine is Jimmie Martin and so is this hot pink velvet settee of his!
6. If you really want to bring in some hot pink go bold and paint the wall like the image above! If you love the color why not try it??
I hope you have enjoyed this fabulous color, it's one of my favorites!! I also hope you all have an amazing Christmas!!
 Until next week...XOXO!

COUTURE + in red

Happy Wednesday readers!! Morgan here excited to share with you some of my 
favorite red finds for this week's 
Couture + Colour!
1. I found this fabulous red outfit from The Decorista! Ever since I spotted this little number on her blog I have been obsessing over it and knew it would be perfect for my red C+C post. The only thing that is missing is this Tory Burch scarf!
2. How adorable is this red zebra and arrows wallpaper from Scalamandre?! Wanting to use it in a project asap!
3. I am obsessed with this image!! I love this crazy red ampersand desk from the Russian design firm Nefa Research, I want one!
4. The perfect red table lamp from the creative bunnies over at Rich Brilliant Willing
5. I always love a good pop of color! The red chair does so much for this room...image from House to Home.
6. Painting your entire stairs, walls and ceiling red maybe to intense for some but that's what makes it so awesome!
7. Funky red chairs from Finish design company Elsanomia.
I am falling back in love with red!!
Until next week...XOXO!

COUTURE + COLOUR: Purplilicious Purple

Happy hump day readers!! Morgan here for some purplicious Couture + Colour!
1. It was love at first sight when I spotted this sparkly purple blazer on feather magazine!
2. I can't express how much I love this Miami Beach apartment designed by my fabulous, colorful boss Doug Meyer. That custom seashell wall graphic is to die for!
3. I know I've said it before but I go crazy for Suzy Hoodless wallpaper like this one shown here for her Osborne and Little Collection. I've used this paper before and plan on using more of her work soon!
4. Purple neon sign from the House of Purple Hotel. How cool?
5. I've always admired this dining room by designer Julie Hillman, I love the way she mixed the different pieces of furniture with the bubbly white light fixture. 
6. Wanting this shiny purple piggy bank from Areaware. 
7. I did my internship with another fabulous colorful designer Mr. Jamie Drake! I adore this colorful apartment he designed with the floor to ceiling purple master bedroom.

If you weren't already of fan of purple I hope this post helped!
Until next week...XOXO!

COUTURE + COLOUR: the moody blue

 Happy Wednesday readers! Morgan here bringing you your weekly dosage of 
Couture + Colour. I wanted to focus this week on a color I find to be 
bold and moody... 
1. Loving this fierce patterned Miu Miu heels and this striking navy blue dress! I love the shape and the way it moves with the wind. I wish this outfit was inside my closet...
Image via
2. I LOVE this image!  The way the navy blue wall color was used not only on the wall but to cover the door and frame, now thats good design. This color makes everything pop especially the yellow settee! This room is gorgeous.

3. This navy blue Butterfield sofa from Jonathan Adler has the right mix of comfy and sexy!!
4. If you have an old piece of furniture that needs a little spicing up, paint it a color to bring it back to life and add some flavor to your this navy blue painted bedside table.
5. If you want to add only a little bit of color bring it in through something as simple as your lamp shade like this one here from Mr. Nate Berkus.
6. I have been obsessed with this image for sometime now...I think it's stunning and so creative how the doorway has been painted to bring in color. Such a great idea if you're nervous about painting your entire space and it's more unique than painting an accent wall. Image via

Hope you're loving navy blue, until next week...

COUTURE + COLOUR: Seductive Siilver

Happy Wednesday lovely readers! Morgan here bringing you some of my favorite silver items for this week's Couture + Colour!! Hope you're making it through the week just fine before the big holiday! 
1. I couldn't love this image any more than I pink lips, Chanel bag, tight metallic silver pants and a fur jacket!! I think by her pose she knows she's fabulous. She's so long hair and money.
2. I love a lot of Tom Dixon's products (that's why I was freaking out on the inside when I met him at ICFF) so it's hard to pick a favorite but I have been admiring his Bulb Chandelier, it has the right element of funk to it which I can always appreciate.
3. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before my love for antlers. This silver pair is perfection,  it's a great way to glam up a rustic look. 
4. On a trip in Munich, I walked past a store front covered in silver metallic mesh tiles, LOVED it.
My tip: cover your fireplace, store front, wall, entry or any flat surface with the shiny tiles! 
5. Say hello to my dream coffee tables by artist Erik Levy!! These babies are so amazing but their price not so much. They are super spendy but give the perfect amount of shine...oh, I'll never stop dreaming. 
6. Some may find this shiny silver hallway odd but I find it so beautiful! Plus the neon diamond light (another obsession for me) is so unique!
7. This silver ornate cabinet comes from another company I dream about owning pieces from...Jimmie Martin! Their products all have a very glam/punk/rebel vibe to each of them, but they are dramatic in their own right, so I can't help but adore it. I discovered this company from one of my favorite designers Abigail Ahern (love her funky style)!

Now you know a little bit more about me and the items that melt my heart! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and holiday!! Hope you enjoyed this week's Couture + Colour!
Until next week...XoXo


Happy Wednesday readers, Morgan here for your weekly dose of Couture + Colour and this week's color is orange! I struggled with this post because orange is one of my favorite colors and picking only a few orange images was rough!
1. I'm dying over this funky orange feathered dress!! I would look just as happy if I got to wear that fabulous feathered item, this has been my favorite outfit thus far!!
2. I've had my eye on this orange coil table lamp for sometime now! Made out of a 100' of orange extension cord from the Future Perfect, it is definitely a conversation starter.
3. I'm loving this adorable orange patent leather armchair from It is classic with a funky twist, just the way I like it!
4. You know by now that I love colored doors, so you won't be surprised when I tell you these orange doors are in my apartment. 
5. This cheerful orange clinker pendant light comes from the creative fellows over at Rich Brilliant and Willing.
6. I love this orange painted Victorian home!! How could you drive past this home and not pull over to snap a pic?! 
7. I did a post on this colorful home in Stockholm designed by Tham and Videgard Hansson Architects (TVARK) earlier this year and thought the orange dining room floors fit perfectly into this post.
Orange is a color that will always make me happy and I'd be even happier to own a few of these items in my post. I hope you enjoyed this week's Couture + Colour!! 
Until next week...xoxo!


Happy Tuesday lovely readers, It's Morgan here. The colder weather is fast approaching here in New York so This week I want you all to think...PINK! 
Pink always has its way of brightening any gloomy day. 
1. Jason Wu's 2012 collection is fab! I'm loving this pink number.
2. I love all the colors from Jielde lamps. Their lamps are definitely on my want list.
3. How adorable is Julie Hillman's wishbone chair??
4. I couldn't do a post on pink without showing Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz pink bedroom from his Rockaway home! Chic Benjamin chic!
5. I have a "thing" for antlers...especially pink lacquered antlers from Etsy. So cute!
6. A room made of cotton candy!!! Read about it here.
7. I am DYING to use this wallpaper in a powder room. Pink toilet paper wallpaper from French designer Koziel! Love it!!
Hope you loved this color and post! 
Until next week...xoxo


Hello all! Morgan here hoping you all had a fabulous Halloween! 
This week's color is one of my favorites... 
1. Elie Saab's Spring 2012 collection is rich with color!  The greens are incredible but when I saw this emerald beauty mixed with sparkle my jaw dropped! STUNNING! 
2. I have always loved the "tank" series from Alexander Taylor! This floor lamp brings in such great color to a space. 
3. This designer (unknown, if you know please tell me!) brought emerald in through the fabric on the chair and in the table. Simple splashes of color but it does so much for the room.
4. Emerald paint on the wall with a lovely purple juju hat to pop off the green!
5. This fabulous space was designed by my new boss Doug Meyer! He is a master of color (why I love him so much) and used emerald green perfectly in the sofa, chair and rug!
6. I looove these emerald green glasses from I would love to fill my cupboards full of these! Mint lemonade would taste extra heavenly from them. 
7. I used two of these Donna Wilson ernest zig zag pouffes
for a project except they were in black and white but I would love to use the ones in green sometime soon! Aren't they adorable?
8. I told you I love colored doors... this one is amazingly gorgeous! So chic it makes my heart skip a beat (a little rhyme for you all) image found via.
9. This coffee table from 1st Dibs is amazing and I need it now! Made in the 70's this electrified plexiglas and mirrored glass low table by Ron Ferri would be such a cool piece to have in any space! Maybe throw on a few of these Emerald Green Diamonds
 Emerald green electrified plexiglass?!! Yes please!
I hope you enjoyed this color and post as I mush as I do. Emerald is gorgeous and I can't get enough of it!!
Until next week...xoxo


When I saw this outfit on Pinterest from Fashionedit I knew it was the perfect outfit for my next post. How adorable is this girl?? Her beautiful red hair mixed with the fab mint green outfit... I'm loving it!!
1. Retro refrigerator! Let me tell you, I currently have one in my apartment and it is far from glamorous (even though it is called the Princess Series) it is gross! This one shown here from is adorable, after you read this post you must go look at their appliances that can come in custom colors! A color lover's dream!! 
2. I have had this imaged saved from Marmalade Interiors for awhile now... they use color in such a rich, classic and beautiful way! I love their work. This image of the mint green wall is seriously stunning.
3. I love when people use paint to cover their entire walls (base boards, walls and moldings) and I loved that they happened to use mint green!
4. Repainting old furniture is always a fun way to create a one of kind piece on a budget. If you don't feel like doing it yourself you can always rely on sites like Etsy to find shops where people who love doing it themselves sell their items like this mint green dresser from Minthome (appropriate name ey?). A fabulous piece of furniture!!
5. I'm loving this mint green gloss lacquered end table from!
6. I have an obsession with colored doors (be prepared for more to come) really though, I do! Every time I see a colored door in the city I have to stop and snap a pic. Love that I was able to find a mint green (ish) one from Miles Reed.
7. Suzy Hoodless is my girl!! I love her and her wallpapers. I recently finished working on a project where I used one of her papers, I was so thrilled the client loved it too! I love the mix of colors in the Jewel of Spring wallpaper. So cute.
8. I love fine china and I would love to own this set from

I'm loving all these images from this post - how could one not like this color??
I think I said "love" a lot in this post.
Until next week...xoxo!


    I was never a huge fan of blues for interiors, but I love rich, bold blues in fashion!

    It wasn’t until my first apartment in New York that I gave blue a shot by painting my walls Brilliant Blue by Benjamin Moore.  After seeing how vibrant the walls were, I immediately fell in love with the color!

    1. Peter Som’s 2012 Spring Collection is fabulous with color. When I saw this ombre blue dress I knew it was the perfect couture inspiration image for this post. I would love to own this dress!! Is it me or does the model have a farmer’s tan on her leg??

    2. Check out this everywhere blue storage/shelving unit! It has a monochromatic vibe which is always a plus in my book!! Super simple by having it all one color but the simplicity is beautiful!

    3. This image is of my first apartment in the city. See how Benjamin Moore’s Brilliant Blue makes everything pop? I loved it. Every time I walked in the door I felt happy to be home, and I know my blue walls had a big part to do with it! 

    4. has some amazing wallpapers! I’m dying to own this blue porcelain wallpaper one day! How amazing is this paper?! If you love the look of plates on the wall but hate the thought of them falling or even having to put them up, this paper solves your problems! Plus you don’t see this paper very often which makes it unique.

    5.   I have always loved this gradient blue side table by Paul Loebach. Four shades of blue were used to create an ascent of saturation from floor to the table top.So cute!!

    6.  This all blue chair comes from one of my favorite Etsy shops – Metrosofa! I think this blue vinyl French antique Louis armchair would fit into any room perfectly!!! This chair is sexy, it’s covered in blue!

    Whether you paint the walls brilliant blue, bring the color in through wallpaper or furniture it is a color that is guaranteed to give some character to your space. It is bold and beautiful, this color has changed my ways on blues in interiors!

    Until next week… xoxo!! 

MEET OUR NEW CONTRIBUTOR: Morgan for Couture + Colour

Morning everyone! As you all know, living in NYC has been utterly intoxicating and extremely overwhelming all at the same time. As business grows and life gets more hectic, I feel I am being pulled in so many different directions I can hardly keep up. 
My blog has been my baby for so long and basically nurtured my career, so I would never want to neglect my loving readers. So, we are going to shake things up around here on the blog and for starters we are throwing some contributors into the mix.
I've rounded up some super savvy and stylish decoristas to give you a peek behind design from their fabulous perspectives too! I just know you will love them just as much as I do.

Meet Morgan

Hello!! My name is Morgan. This is my first post as a contributor for The Decorista and I couldn't be more thrilled to share with all of you some of my favorite things in life. 
Couture + Colour! 
As an interior designer in New York City, I love being inspired by fashion whether it's a girls outfit next to me on the subway, on the runway, editorial or style blogs I love being inspired! I love the details in fashion, prints, color, texture, shape... I... love it all. One of my favorite details in interior design world is color! I am a color freak but only when it's done the right way. With my column I'm combining the two.

This weeks color is Yellow... 
It's a color with many shades. The shade I'd like to focus on is the cheerful happy one.
I found this monochromatic image of a chic model dressed in head to toe in yellow sitting on a yellow NYC taxi cab. I thought it was the perfect yellow fashion inspiration image for this post! 

1. Lord's South Beach Hotel in Miami designed by BHDM Design shows a great use of a simple painted yellow wall.
The color and simplicity let everything else in the image pop!
2. I love rich yellow window treatments and the puddling going on. Look at the other yellow detail in the room... yellow zebra fabric on the chairs. Is the little girl wearing yellow as well? I think so!
3. How beautiful is this dramatic tile design in this small bathroom? Such a clever/fun idea. You can create this with any color by using solid colors of mosaic tile.
4. This yellow chair from the Nub Collection by Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World is adorable and would fit perfectly into any space!

I'm looking forward to sharing Couture + Colour with you!