The Art of Living...collecting smarts

Group them all together! 

Whether they be books, magazines, keepsakes, travel items...Whatever your pleasure, make sure you display them all together for a purposeful look. Having a purposed decor style makes such a huge difference. Thats why stores display things so beautifully, things are cared for and put together purposefully. It makes your home style that much sweeter and gives way for instant domestic bliss! 

one. two. three. four. five. six.


Yesterday I took a seminar by Marie Forleo + Gabbrielle Bernstein. Such amazing + inspiring powerhouse women who shared the importance of getting your house in order. This phrase can have so many meanings but what I took from it was exactly one of my life's driving forces... "domestic bliss". It's all about loving where you live and loving what you have at home. So, I wanted to share with you collectors out there a way to keep your favorite things at home while still keeping your house in order...
COOL CALENDAR pullouts make an excellent guest bathroom wallpaper.
MANY MAGAZINES stacked with the white on the outside make black really work. 
ABUNDANCE OF ARTWORKS look fabulous on floating shelves, mixed, matched and layered.
GORGEOUS GLASS bottles collected over time are the perfect way to add botanics and florals to the home and looks best when displayed all together in different shapes and sizes. 
CHERSHED CHINA can be displayed with glass door cabinetry and be a wow factor in your home.
GINGER JARS look fab gathered together as a tablescape centerpiece.


Passion for Pinterest & Hermes Orange Boxes

So I have been working with one of my clients on a makeover in the bedroom. The clients just feel like they want something new for spring. Things need a change but we don't really want to go out and buy all new pieces for the room so I was putting together a mood board for some ideas when it occurred to me just how FABULOUS pinterest is.  
It is such a powerful decorating tool. I had an idea for getting some orange into the room. I was thinking maybe through boxes and my pinterest totally helped support my case to the client. 
Let me prove to you how orange boxes are awesome...


bliss in the kitch' {delightful and charming meet}

After a long Sunday and an incredibly fun blogger dinner party (more details to come) I am ready to take on  this week as I have a full schedule. As I awoke this morning and headed to my kitchen for coffee, I realize just how important mornings in the kitchen are. 
For some reason, this particular kitchen just warms my heart. I love love love the collection of white vases and art on top of the cabinetry. This empty space is usually overlooked but I love what they have done with it. So charming. Open shelving and beautiful displays are the delightful and charming-ness of a kitch.'

too cute! 
images found on pinterest...

Weekend Decorating Idea: creative wall decor

The weekend is here and I am so ready to get my decorate on. Especially after that photoshoot yesterday, I am just incredibly inspired. What is on my radar this weekend, putting my favorite things on the wall. I love really great wall collections, and the great thing about it is that it can be ever changing. There is something really invigorating about changing wall decor, it's an instant mood lifter. So this weekend, why not go to a local flea market, home decor shop or even your own closet and find some of your favorite things to display on the wall. Album covers, family photos, vintage art or even your favorite necklaces will suffice...Happy decorating! 


The Art of to display your shoes

Shoes. What girl doesn't love her shoes? Really beautiful ones are almost like art themselves. I have been known to buy an expensive pair of shoes just because I love to look at them. I once left a pair on my dresser because I didn't want them hiding in the closet...le sigh. 
I love seeing clever ways to display your shoes.

here are some of my favorites...


secret of domestic bliss #21...decorating with collections

Lately I have been noticing how much I adore designing with collections.
I really think at least one collection of special items is vital to your home.
A collection can say so much about a person...what you love, where you have been, etc.
Figuring out what to collect can be a bit daunting if you are not a collector.
All you have to do is find something that you enjoy looking at or have a fondness for and then starting picking them up everywhere and anywhere you see them.
I have a collection of elephants that I absolutely adore and each one brings back memories of the fun places that I picked them up or the person who gave them to me as a gift.
Collections can be such an enjoyment for your space. 
If you have no idea what or how to collect, here are some inspirations for yours!
 tobi fairley
 traditional home

decorating with collections + Palm Springs vintage shopping

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody! Hope you guys are ready for a fun day...
The past few weeks have been very busy for me.
I have been on a shopping spree for my online store that I will be opening soon (stay tuned).
I have hit up my favorite spots all over LA and Palm Springs with gusto. It has been a blast!
The shops in Palm Springs just blow my mind, they have the most amazing and rare items. 
One thing I love is the abundance of collections and I really love decorating with collections. 
Here are my favorite collections I found on this particular shopping excursion.

The above collections were found at one 'must shop' Palm Springs boutique... Bon Vivant.
 Rare and gorgeous glass (similar to the glass in the Parker Hotel). I think this glass in collections would be gorgeous in any home. These brass owls are adorable too, it was so hard not to want the entire group of cute little guys.

These gorgeous horses and uber cool vintage VW beetles are from HEDGE. It's a ridiculously gorgeous + fun vintage furnishings store in Palm Springs, that I just could not get enough of.
{Kelly Wearstler + Trina Turk shop here}
The guys who own the store are out of control friendly...if you ever get to go ask for the special iced coffee. It's delicious!
{I was so smitten with those VW beetles, I had to come home with the pink one...too cute!}

Here are some more shots of the packed with goodies store.