Holiday Fireplace decorating...

I'm just loving all of the holiday cheer going on right now. However, my adorable little apartment has no room for a tree. So I have to get really clever with my fireplace mantle. I've been looking for simple yet chic ways to adorn my sweet fireplace without going overboard. So, I found some beautiful inspiration and of course, I want to go for gold...

I love the look of golden and white candles, it gives off such a soft and lovely amber glow. 
 And sometimes, all you need is a simple green wreath and it does the job just fine. 
So, this Christmas, should I go for a simple wreath or gold and white candles???

images found here + here.

holiday pretties...

I don't know what it is about the holidays that just has me in the best mood. It's probably the feeling of Christmas joy and all the music that just brings a smile to my heart...(Oh holy night is my fave) 
But what really captures my heart is the enchanting decor. These white christmas rooms are my favorites...
Taking a plant you already have and inserting christmas lights is fabulous holiday thinking.
Angel wings are the perfect addition to your dining room chairs. so sweet.
white stockings and a few fairy lights and swagger.

Styleicious Sunday: decorista pink christmas decor

Getting so excited that Christmas is just moments away. Inspired by this vintage advertisement, I decided to put together my favorite Christmas decor in my signature blog color...Decorista Pink.
Today, I am relishing in these glamorous and girlie pink looks...

This image of a woman in a ballgown decorating a tree with her super dapper husband gets me everytime. This is my dream tree, silver with pretty pink roses! 
How cool this must look from the street! A hot pink tree has major panache...
LOVING this decorated staircase action.

i love mixed metallics with baby pretty.
i have a long love affair with nutcrackers. Especially gold and silver ones, they are so chic. 
i just adore this baby pink tree with pink and black chic.
hot pink never fails.
one of my favorite combos is baby pink and black...very vintage hollywood.

an oldie but goodie from tobi fairley.
It's so much fun to daydream in pink, no?

{images via this pinterest + marthastewart. fancifulevents. tobi fairley. }

DIY simple + chic holiday decorating ideas for your tabletop

1. Paint stripes on a long white tablecloth. Sometimes the tablecloth is all the statement you need. Lots and lots of candlelight and you have a perfect holiday tablescape that will hold you over through the New Year.
No time to craft? Get a black and white striped sheet set and use as a tablecloth. 

2. Paint your placemats black! Basic black placemats highlight ordinary dishware...Refinery 29 shows us how to throw a holiday party in style...with simple black and white accents.
3. Think outside of the box. Take a cue from the latest issue of Adore Home Magazine and place black Christmas tree cutouts next to long pillar candles with ribbon tied around them for a SMASHING and easy-to-do centerpiece.

DIY Decorating...Ideas for holiday decorating with ornaments

Decorating for Christmas time is my favorite, it's my absolute favorite holiday. Unfortunately for me, my nyc apartment has no room for a big tree so I have a few clever ways to improvise...
I am in love with Christmas ornaments. They are sparkly, shiny and oh so pretty...I especially like the mini disco ball kind. So, this year I will be heading to my local craft store and gathering a bunch of sparkly ornaments. Here are a few things to do with them...
First, I love the idea of tying them to pretty ribbon, (I go with velvet) and hanging them from either lighting, hooks or anything that can be hung from.
Also, because I wont be doing a lot of baking myself, I will use my cake stands and hurricane vases and fill them with ornaments. I personally like to stick with a monochromatic look like below but any ornament colors will do. You gotta go with what you love!
I have never forgotten this awesome art piece done with green ornaments. So chic.
Also...I miss having an outdoor area. If I had a front porch with bench. This is how I would decorate it. Throw in some sparkly ornaments and its perfect holiday decorating.

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fashion meets decor {High Gloss Red}

high gloss red glamorous dress
high gloss red interior & Christmas decor...
This winter you are everything to me! Your glossy fabulous-ness is all I can dream of.
{For my holiday parties this weekend, I am definitely going to be rocking glossy red, like this dazzling number.}
okay, how delicious does this gorgeous little serving look? yum!
I would love red high gloss chairs like these mis-matched beauties.

fashion image via this is glam
decor images via cocokelley, kelleymoore, houzz, domino

The Decorista tip of the wrap with style!

Be like Tori Spellings mama, Candi, and get to gift wrapping!
There is something so chic about incredibly well wrapped gifts.
I personally prefer to stick with a theme or a color story, it makes it so much more memorable.

So, this weekend, plan in advance for some mega stylin' gift wrapping action!
Don't be afraid to get creative and use wallpapers, newspapers, comics, maps, burlap, contact paper, etc.  The more metallics and sparkle you use, the better. There are so many different options.
Be bold and have fun!

tablescape tuesday {lavender glamour for the holidays}

As most of you know, I'm just crazy for purple, it is such a rich and luxurious hue. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a lavender Christmas this post is so completely special to me. These fabulous table settings are so decadent looking, I just think purple has that effect on things. 
And here are some gorgeous purple holiday decorating ideas. I'm smitten.

fashion meets decor {holiday decor in metallics}

sparkly and gorgeous metallic christian louboutins
sparkly and gorgeous metallic christmas decor...
this holiday season I am all about your design shimmer! In fact, I'm kind of obsessed with you.
Decorating in metallics (golds + silvers) for the holidays is a fantastic way to add 
all kinds of glamour to your dwelling. I'm all about it, so chic.

Entertainging for the holidays...tabletop ideas.

Now that Thanksgiving is almost over, it's time to get down to business. 
Decorating for the holidays is in full swing.
IKEA recently did a holiday entertaining look that caught my eye. Unabashedly bohemian is the signature look and they totally pulled it off. Mis matched chairs, glowing lights + candles...uber cute.
Notice the pillow atop a stack of books as seating, so very clever, no? Absolutely adorable!

via mochatini
I am also completely smitten with this look...gray + white striped walls are so on my heart right now.
so fabulous!
via blulabelbungalow
and how gorgeous + clever is this tabletop. Its perfect for a traditional holiday party.
The black + gold dishware is beyond amazingness and the stripes are fab too.

a holidays worth of memories

So, our little holiday dinner party turned out to be a huge hit. My cousin (the lovely roommate) and I worked so hard on making our cozy + blissful home into a party pad.
The dinner was fantastic, we had tortellini and fresh turkey meatloaf, amazing sauces and a cheese platter that anyone would die for. In fact, one of our party goers stayed at the cheese spread all night. ;) (i heart you matty!)
I love holiday parties and the holiday spirit! 

UNFORTUNATELY, our wacko neighbors have been complaining about bedbugs...
(sidenote: their place is so cluttered and messy and they always leave their trash 
by the front door for weeks...yuck!)
The ORKIN men came the day after our dinner party, turns out they have to exterminate the entire building! ugh.
Our happy + beautiful christmas tree aka 'chrissy' died. 
She couldn't handle the poisons. 
Needless to say, we are utterly bummed.
Bright side: we get to do the whole 'decorating the tree while listening to Christmas music' madness all over again. 
I guess its worth looking at the brightside.
For now, some pictures from the fiesta to document our beloved Chrissy!

my cousin and i (the happy hosts)

we miss you Chrissy!

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.

Dear Christmas Tree aka Chrissy,
I absolutely love everything about you. Your smell, your fullness, your lights, your skirt,
 and all of your beautiful earrings! 
All that goes into dressing you makes me so happy.
Listening to Christmas music and the smell of cinnamon candles all around 
warms my heart. Thank you for being the best part of our home
and for making all the neighbors just a wee bit jealous.
We love you. 


Candles, candles everywhere!
 I love the beginnings of the holidays because it means at any point in time it is OK to start the Christmas embellishments (ie. music, candles, decorations, lights,etc.) has a cute step-by step guide to creating an uber cute holiday centerpiece. 
Please, get creative with it. By ALL means, go ALL out! It's your table, make it your own! 

Materials and Tools:

2 large white glittering tree-shaped candles  2 small glittering white candles  2 medium glittering white candles  1 large glittering white candle 4 tall champagne flutes several strands of beaded crystal garland  small clear, white or silver glass Christmas balls  large clear, white or silver glass Christmas balls 2 bags of artificial snow


1. Place two large white tree-shaped candles approximately 16 inches apart in the center of a server, console or dining room table.

2. Place the tall champagne flutes in a staggered row behind tree-shaped candles. Surround champagne flutes and tree-shaped candles with artificial snow (figure A).

Figure E

3. Fill champagne flutes two-thirds full with snow (figure B). Arrange small, medium and large glittering white candles around tree-shaped candles and in front of champagne flutes, place the smallest candles toward the front of the arrangement.

Figure D

4. Next, add clear or silver ornaments to the arrangement, nestling them into the snow (figure D).

Figure F

5. Drape beaded crystal garland from champagne flutes; tucking the garland ends into the snow in each flute. To help hold the garland in place, pile small silver, clear or white glass ornaments in the top of each flute (figure F).

6. Sprinkle more snow on table around the base of the arrangement to resemble a snow drift, light candles and enjoy the simple, elegant and frosty centerpiece.