Old Hollywood Glamour {ava gardner}

I love absolutely everything about Old Hollywood Glamour.

Something about the style just captures me, I live in the heart of Hollywood and I truly appreciate the lo
ok of Hollywood interiors back in the golden years.
Ava Garder is one of my most favorite Hollywood starlets...

How gorgeous does she look in these photos?
I love the blue walls and framed prints in the backdrop...

The headboard looks so lush and the white sheets with monogrammed throw come together perfectly.

I can hardly get enough of the gorgeous red velvet chair she is adorning.

Below is her apartment in Madrid (her favorite city in Spain). 
Red walls are the epitome of glamorous + luxurious Spanish living.
Notice the extravagant and ornate furniture...I love the look.

and to give a nod to Marilyn...I am absolutely loving the colors going on here.
Wood + White + Blue = gorgeousness
So fun to take it back to the old school for a min. Hope you enjoyed it.