Secret of domestic bliss #71...Antiques; the good wood

It's official. I am becoming an upper east sider this next month. Finally found an apartment that fits all my favorite furnishings. I have grown out of my adorable little studio so quickly but its going to be so hard to let it go. I have so many wonderful memories here. The upper west side will forever have a place in my heart. At first I was considering parting ways with all of my furniture and just getting all new pieces. However, there is one that I will never part with and that is my beautiful antique wood dresser that was my very first furniture purchase here in NYC. It's made so beautifully and will live with me forever. I am convinced that no apartment or home is complete without a beautiful antique wood dresser...
Above is my gorgeous wood beauty. Scored her for $100 and I have been in love with her ever since we first met. 
While for a minute I was contemplating painting my antique dresser in a vivid lacquer my gut was absolutely resisting it. I have to allow the woods  natural beauty and pattern to shine. Sometimes natural beauty is so much better. 
Each of these photos is from Lonny Mag (ever filled with mad decor inspiration), where my favorite photog Patrick Cline gets the details of each of these gorgeous wood numbers so perfectly. Every piece inspires me so much for new looks for my space. Definitely gotta get some fabulous mirror to sit atop my lovely antique.

images via lonny magazine