Elements of Eclectic Glamour

When people ask me to define my style, I always say "eclectic glamour". I think because I love so many looks and styles, its so hard for me to really define. The one thing I know is that I love glamorous things and I love the finer things. Perhaps thats why I love vintage + antiques so much, most of the time these things are made with such care and high quality. I rarely find an interior that really does eclectic quite like I like but Nicole Hanley's apartment featured in vogue did something I am completely into...

White I am not the biggest fan of yellow, I can't help but love the little touches of yellow throughout her space. It adds vibrancy and color to the mix. I've been seeing neon in acrylic so much lately and that adorable ashtray on her coffee table is probably my favorite thing in the space, aside from the glamorous kitten artwork. 
These black doors with yellow insets are oh so rad. Very "outside the box". Which brings out an eclectic edge. Her abounding art collection also nods to modern and the eclectic mix gives you that sophisticated feeling. To top off the look that golden obelisk paired with the marble eggs adds style, swagger and keeps it very glamorous! 
images via Vogue.com

Vogue Living & Tony Duquette in Beverly Hills

So, if you don't already know this about me...

I must let you all know that I am obsessed with amazing decor. Ridiculously obsessed. When something catches my eye, I have heart palpitations and this majestic home did just that! 
Tony Duquette, one of the greats, let Vogue Living inside his beverly hills home and it is out of control goodness! So decadent and over the top and each detail is just stunning! 
Drool-worthy is an understatement, don't you think?
images via vogue living blog

a coveted cover color story...Vogue Living Australia Nov/Dec 2010

Obsessing over the gorgeous & bright colors on the latest cover of Vogue Living Australia.
It's modern, fresh and fantastic. 
I can't wait to devour what's inside... I bet its full of inspiration!
As always, I am up for checking out a peek inside of the famed designer Ilse Crawford.
As for whose home this is on the cover, I have yet to know...but it looks incredibly deelish!

image via tabletonic

How to decorate like a supermodel...Coco Rocha for Vogue

I have just fallen head over heels for this supermodel's fabulous home. 
Her one of a kind finds are so delicious and her creativity is just TMT (too many things).
It's playful, romantic, edgy and parisian chic...glamour permeates the space.
Peek inside her fabulous digs for mega decorista inspiration.

Noteworthy moments: The diagonal mirrors she placed above the sofa...genius!
The Louboutins, military jacket and animal print dress.
Peacock feathers....swoon!
An office space with a gorgeous view? Nothing better than that.
Such personality in this apartment decor, no? Super chic.
For more of Coco's fabulous apartment visit here.
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