Do it yourself: framed wallpaper panels

Last night while looking through all my magazines, I came across an old Better Homes and Gardens Do it Yourself Issue. I was happily surprised to find this dining room!
The home owner is Hollis Erickson of Roberts Erickson Design
While looking at House of Turqouise blog (one of my favorites) this morning, I recognized her bedroom and hence found Hollis's blog. I was so happy to find these images online! yay!

I am loving everything about this design team. Here are some images from her home and blog.
I desperately want to re create the framed wallpaper panels for my own home! It's my next project. 

Parisian Style Decorating

As you have probably guess I LOVE PARIS and I love seeing pretty Paris interiors. They are always so luxurious. They totally make me happy! Better Homes and Gardens UK has a great website for all types of decor styles. You can get inspiration from any or all cities overseas and bring the influence to your own home. Check out their site and see what you can discover! Here are the ones that I adore!