10 things that rocked my world this week...June 29

1. Had such a great time at the West Elm breakfast this week. We all got to preview the newest collection coming this fall and WOW, all of it is amazing! I was beyond excited to spend time with my sweet friend Jen, fellow blogger from MadeByGirl, who I haven't seen in a while. I love good girl time...

2. Beverly Hills Chairs. My new white leather office chair is everything I have needed and more. It may not be as stylish as I would prefer, but its very sexy and chic and supportive on my back and posture. As I get older, these things are getting so much more important than looks. (wait. did I really just say that?!?)
 3. Montauk. I love that there is a beach a few hours outside the city, thank you God. In this weather, it is much needed. We stopped for a little snack on the water at The Surf Lodge, its one of my favorite outdoor eating areas in terms of decor. Beach shack chic.
4. Got a little surprise in the mail, a little quote by me was published in this coming months People Style Watch mag. I get so excited for the little things like this...
 5. I've been hard at work on my new website and going through old photos of my work. This one brought back such good memories. It's perfect for summertime. 
 6. Ah. You all know how much I love my old apartment, this was my hallway of my quaint little studio when the Everygirl shot it. I miss these stripes.
 7. I am so thankful I live in New York City. I just love the window views.
8. I love a good magazine cover and Vogue UK always knocks it out of the park. Love this Kate Moss light pink look.
 9. While on a walk to the Met recently, I came across this door. It just stopped me right in my tracks. I love the beautiful detail and the gorgeous gold studded trim. So beautiful! 
10. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. This is my little motto lately. It's proven to be oh so true. I love life, never a dull moment.