10 things that rocked my world this week...the downtown Manhattan edition

I partnered up with NewYork.com for a little something, and spent an afternoon checking out lower Manhattan. I couldn't help but snap photos of my favorite things around the area. Thank God for my iphone which provides the ultimate camera for snapping quick pics...
 1. The architecture on random blocks of downtown Soho. At times, the look can be so soft and European looking, yet in colors that are very New York.
 2. The character of Little Italy. I love this oversized statue of David just sitting outside a little cafe. It's so random but so charming all at the same time. 
 3. The insides of churches are so gorgeous. Most of the new churches in other cities these days are so modern and while beautiful, they don't have the charm or color that the old ones in New York do. New York always keeps it true.
 4. Hotel front desks. Always chic, professional and glam. This one happens to be the Mercer hotel, one of my favorites for a little bubbly. The purple back lit lobby is bangin'. 
 5. If you have ever gone down to Wall Street and walked into the old buildings, this is what you get. I fell hard for this entryway. 
 6. Central Park will never get old for me. Hands down my favorite place in the city. 
 7. I love how our city always meets our needs. Down in the Financial District, the tourist booths have ties. Each neighborhood has a different need. The little booths up in my Upper East neighborhood sell Pashminas, go figure. 
 8. We all know my obsession with gold. How fab is this brass wastebasket down on the streets of Wall Street. Hello. Can I get one for my apartment, please? 
9. Most people say this city is lonely, and I get that. However, never have I been in a city where more strangers have my back than ever. Our city is full of people standing up for one another. I kind of love it. 
 10. Lady Liberty. I really love her and her green.

 BONUS: my two favorite photos of the day:
 I love this womanly mermaid figure...
and please tell me how incredible is this entryway?
 all images by me.