How to: Make a Inspiration Board

This spring season has me in a flurry of cleaning out clutter and making room for new things. I love a good spring cleaning. I'm sort of doing this in all aspects of my life, not just at home. 

When I want to move toward a new vision for myself I love to make a new vision/inspiration board. It's like a visual inspiration of style, looks and colors that you’d like to try/buy in 2013. Not only will it help you develop your domestic signature style but it may save you money by inspiring you to reinterpret things you already own.

Here’s how…
Buy a Blank Canvas.
Make sure you opt for something you love so that it can be displayed in your home work space and still look stylish.  You can make a super chic board by backing an un-glassed vintage picture frame with cork board from the hardware store.

Define Your Mood.
Get really clear about what vibe you are going for so as to not have a board thats all over the place. Go for something like Bohemian Glamour or Sophisticated Modern. Then as you edit your photos, you will be able to decide what belongs on the board and what doesn't. 

Cut it out.
Go through those images you have been saving on your desktop forever or tear through your favorite magazines. This will clean the clutter you have been saving and allow you to toss out the things that you don't need anymore. This is key for organization in springtime! 

Get Excited. 
They say that if you put it on a vision board, it will come. So really go all out for what you want. Want that gorgeous J. Adler sofa we all dream of? Tear it out and put it up. There is power in vision! 

Don't Limit Yourself.
I have boards everywhere. Not only do I pinterest but I also daydream too. 

decor image via apartmenttherapy