10 things that rocked my world this week...march 24

 1. This week my bedroom became a pretty shade of purple, the color is called "soulmate", I just had to have it. As much as I loved it white and felt that white and gold what was I wanted, I needed to get a little more moody in my bedroom. Now, when I walk into my bedroom, its like a dark little cocoon. It's cozy, comfortable and dreamy. I'm extremely happy about this new movement.
2. Bloglovin'. I'm sure most of you have heard about the change of Google Reader. No longer will we be able to read our favorite blogs via that feed. I usually read mine via Bloglovin'. We had breakfast at Cafeteria in the private back room decorated with light blue Campbell's soup cans. It was so chic. If you aren't on Bloglovin' yet, join here
 3. My mirrored coffee tables finally arrived. Thanks to Wayfair for providing me the best help. I was searching everywhere for the perfect size of a pair of mirrored tables. My living room is narrow and small and I still wanted some glam tables so these were absolutely perfect. 
 4. Oh yes. I love this little golden lion. When I grow up and get my dream house, I am so having big lions out front to guard the home. I love them.
 5. I got to custom create myself a little tray for my entryway. Isn't she cute? I'm digging on Birdaria and their chic little collection of fun colored accessories for the home. This pegasus tray makes me think of some fabulous wallpaper I really need, no? Love the pattern. Oh, and monogrammed AK, I love it all day! 
 6. Jesus. We all know how I adore him. When I was styling a little set this week, he was a prop. I was all about him in all white. Fab. 
7. My two favorite reads this week. The new issue of Domino, highlighted Nick Olsens NY apartment again, which I have always adored. Also, French Accents by Erin Swift. This book is incredible. It highlights how to add chic French objects to the home with style. I found it really gave me a new perspective and tons of new decorating ideas.
 8. Architectural Digest Home Show was here this week and last night was the Diffa dine by design event. One of my cousins from Spain, who also happens to be an architect, was in town. So we checked it out and loved it. Lots of new fabulous things out on the market, we were blown away. Oh, and yeah, we celebrated with a bottle of Dom. I mean, why not. 
 9. This table was our most favorite. Black and white stripes on the table, clear crystals, striped plates, beautifully colored blooms. It was so chic. Loved it. 
10. On a more emotional note. I got a lot of emails this week talking about my work and what I do. A lot of you asked me questions about starting your own design business or where to start in the creative world, how to get your break, etc. I was so moved by these emails that I really feel like its time for me to start a conversation on the blog, a new series, where we get really into detail in the business of being in business for yourself (especially if you have a creative passion). I'll answer questions, get advice from other successful creatives in our field.  If you have questions, leave them in the comments below or feel free to email me. Today, I give you this quote, my first tip and also sums up what I believe. Stay tuned.