Books on chairs...

 Okay, so I have just been all over the place sourcing things for my new apartment and I think I am falling in love. Actually, I have to admit, I am in major love with it. Decorating a new apartment just gets me going like no other. In Manhattan, its even better because when you move to a new neighborhood, its like an entirely different city. 
 The east side has some majorly amazing spaces and I am always finding things on the streets. Sofas, dressers, etc. NYC city streets are abounding with amazing things. The other day I found this gorgeous old french chair. It has a little tear on it but nothing that scared me away, her bones are so beautiful. I can always use some extra seating around the house and then thought to myself, "How do I style this?"
 Then it occurred to me..."books!" Maybe a plant, pillow or two but definitely a stack of amazing looking books will do the trick. Loving this look.
images via Lonny. Ryan Korban. Society Social.