10 things that rocked my world this week...Valentines week edition

1. This week was such a good one. Lots of my goodies arrived at the house, like these amazing delta lamps from Robert Abbey. I am absolutely in love, they are so much better than I actually envisioned them to be...

2. Same thing with my brass floor lamp. It's so shiny and pretty. It just makes me so happy. It's always hard to get the right lighting in a space and I am so overjoyed to have nailed it. 
3. Architecture. This city is just endlessly captivating to me. I went to visit a new client this week and the entryway was astounding. Very 80's glam. The white and brass together just worked so well. 
4. Voluspa. So for Valentines day I treated my apartment to a candle, because I love for my space to constantly smell delicious. This is my favorite from Voluspa, Tuberosa Di Notte, it's so incredibly perfect for my bedroom. I promise, its magical.
5. White orchid. My absolute favorite flower. So simple, so sweet and delicate yet so incredibly beautiful. I love the way she looks in my bright white living room. I named her Sade. She was the perfect Valentines day gift. I love her. 
6. Sweet Valentines day deliveries will always rock my world, too. #justsayin 
7. Curves. Yes. I love furniture with curves and this black velvet tufted bench came in for my dining room nook. It's so cozy and warm. The shape literally makes me weak in the knees, I just love french style furnishings. 
8. Antiques. One of my favorite things in the world is antique store shopping. I love my new upper east side neighborhood but had to venture back to the upper west side and pay a visit. My favorite store was filled this week with so much goodness. The light blue walls mixed with chrome, brass and floral art. Wow. 
9. Valentines day package from my mom. The package was filled with emerald and gold goodness, so good. The best part...the card. Thank you mommy. <3 nbsp="">
10. Beyonce. I didn't get to see her documentary, but I did see her Oprah interview and it was filled with such encouragement and inspiration for women. It's so incredible to see a woman really love being a woman and enjoy filling the roles of what it is to be a woman in her life. LOVED IT. I especially loved how as much as she is all about her power as a woman, she recognizes and acknowledges the role her husband plays in her life and gushes about her love for him. That's so inspiring to see. 
Music Bonus: cute little video for valentines day