10 things that rocked my world this week...February 4

1. My weekend was a pretty hectic one. I packed, moved, shopped, worked on some projects and shopped my head off. Never thought I would actually tire of decor shopping...however this week, I almost reached that limit. I can't lie though, I love every minute of it. Redecorating and moving into a new space and making it a home is what I live for, among other things...

2. My old apartment. I got extremely emotional as I was packing up and leaving my old apartment. My very first apartment all by myself here. So many memories and emotions went down in this place and I will never ever forget the special times I spent here. A part of my heart will always be over in a little studio on the Upper West Side. 
3. Choices. There is no better way to get over an old apartment, than making selections for a new one. Grey, white, black and a bit of fab pattern are exactly what I am thinking. 
4. Sofa. One of the most exciting this is searching for the perfect sofa. I felt like it was a sign that everywhere I went I had seen these amazing Chesterfield sofas. They are everywhere right now. I was looking for the right color, but nothing really was worth me committing to...
5. That is until I found this baby. Mr. Chesterfield in all white. My heart skipped a little beat. This is the sofa of my dreams and I got it. 
6. Every now and then you gotta take a little break and enjoy yourself and I did just that. We had the most amazing dinner at Gramercy Tavern. My absolute new favorite restaurant. The food was incredible and the experience made it that much better. Loved it. 
7. As I have been exploring my new neighborhood, I am just falling for the buildings on the Upper East Side. This gorgeous building was oh so Kelly Wearstler. Marble walls, bust, black trimmings. 
 8. Okay, while shopping around the Chelsea Antiques Market I found this absolutely adorable little mod lamp. Adorable. 
9. Mint Green. An apartment building hallway in mint green, white and black. How chic is that?
10. Emile Sande. Seriously. Love this girl. This album is so on point. I am hooked. Totally was my soundtrack this week, upbeat and passionate. No other way to go through life.