Weekend decorating...book styling

Today I went to see a new clients home a little north of Manhattan. I was mesmerized. It's been so long since I have really understood what life was like outside of apartment dwelling. It was absolutely refreshing to put my design brain on inside of a huge home. 
One thing I noticed the most was the interesting placement of books. While most of us New Yorkers have shelves of books that was intimidate more suburban librarians, this couple had only enough books for the most beautiful displays. It reminded me how beautiful big coffee table books can be when not overdone but simply just because they look beautiful...

Of course I love all matching jackets like this stack of pretty white ones, but I am also a huge fan of removing the jackets to unleash the beautiful binding. More often than not, underneath that jacket lies beautiful metallic fonts just waiting to be adored. This weekend why not try and switch things up and play a little with your book collection, you might have a whole new look. 

all images via this pinterest board