10 things that rocked my world this week...January 19

 1. So, slowly my adoration for photography is growing. The iphone has so many amazing photo apps like snapseed that I am absolutely obsessed with (I do realize there is much more to photography than an iphone, I am just clueless so for me...baby steps). I'm turing my friends too, now they send me great shots all tricked out with cool filters like this one of me and 
My doors. I love them. At this point my friends enjoy taking shots of me in the streets in action. Many accidents have almost happened. All in the name of my love for these doors...

 2. Beyonce. Gotta love this woman, she is all for girl empowerment. I am not a feminist or anything, I just really love women getting together and encouraging and supporting each others success. There is more than enough to go around. My girlfriend Dallas, took this shot and it literally rocked my world. Who run the world...girls!
3. Success Workshops. After many, many emails from my E-Book and lots of consideration I have decided to take my workshops to the streets. People ask me for small business success coaching all the time. I find it so fulfilling to help people find their gifts and put them to use and make their dreams come to life. What's better than doing what you love and being successful at it. So now I am holding small workshops (email me for deets) for my peeps in NYC (in the pic, a personal trainer + health coach, an event planner and a closet stylist...ready to take their thriving businesses to the NEXT LEVEL) and by popular demand...an online course coming soon (march)! Stay tuned! 
4. People Style Watch. I am not a fashion girl by any means, I wear the same clothes all the time but this magazine is my favorite in terms of styling. It is BEYOND an honor to be featured as decor expert for them. I get giddy like school girl to give my humble decorista two cents. Especially for a mag I adore. This just made my week. 
5. Speaking of metallics. I am in love with this adorable sconce and the wall color combo. My new apartment, YES I FOUND A NEW APARTMENT! FINALLY, I have got to use this wallcolor in the kitchen. Done and done. Gold and teal. Hello. 
 6. I went upstate to visit a client this week and aside from the iced coffee in winter, the bright and bold color of leathers used on the seats in the train just added to my happiness that morning. Inspired me for bold color leather seating, gotta figure out how to use that somewhere. 
7. Oh Bar Six, my new favorite west village eatery, your decorations were adorable. Especially this gorgeous turquoise and black distressed vintage wood cafe table. Ooh la la. I loved every moment of my lunch. 
8. Golden lions: These all stars just killed me this week. So incredibly good in gold, these lions serve as little door guys at TBN studios. Yep, the christian channel with the big hair lady. 
 9. My local thrift store window display this week was just astounding. The wall color, the abstract artwork, the studded sofa. Everything was such perfection together. 
 10. This pretty much sums up who I am and what I believe in, what I stand for.  I aim to make the most of my life put it to good use every single day and make some kind of difference in the world around me.  This made me cry a little. Good tears of course.
my little music bonus...this song is kind of like exactly how I am feeling this week...my workout JAM