10 things that rocked my world this week...the Birthday edition

1. 2013. I don't know what it is about this year but I have this feeling that this year is going to be AMAZING. So far, its off to a great start. I had the most awesome birthday with the most amazing people...

2. Wisdom. I just love this. Reminds me to cherish the very special people in my life. 
3. Birthday dinner. I was so blessed by each one of these amazing people and had such an awesome mexican dinner. My fave.
4. Decor. My other love. I fell so in love with this beautiful bedroom in the Feb issue of House Beautiful. This year, I am so getting a canopy bed. 
5. Culture. One of the many reasons I love me some NYC. I went to see this play and it was absolutely incredible. The set decor was really good too. How fun would it be to be a set decorator?
6. Columbus Circle stars. One of my favorite places to go in NY. I was here on NYE, which was a blast! These stars change colors and have such a beautiful glow. I just love them. 
7. NY High school for fashion. How fabulous is this library? Made me want to go back to High School all over again. 
8. Working on my fitness. My new gold headphones, one of my favorite birthday presents...these things just rock my world. Oh and the new issue of Architectural Digest, that rocked my world this week too!
9. My doors. My favorite door of this week. Ah, just so incredibly good.

10. Vision board. Oh, yes. I got my girls together to make vision boards this year. My favorite thing to do. I love being creative, so much fun!