Secret of domestic bliss #69...haute headboards

One of the most important aspects of my home is the bed. I am the kind of girl that has to have the best sheets and pillows. It's one of the things I always splurge on because I believe sleep is such an important part of life. So, I make every effort to make my bed incredibly delightful. This upcoming year one thing I want to upgrade is my headboard. I am all about taking it up a notch and having a custom made headboard and getting it done exactly how I want it. After working with clients in the city, I have found that the happiest clients are the ones who had custom headboards done...

These days you don't always necessarily have to have a custom headboard. So many retailers have really made a move to really get creative when it comes to headboards. They have gotten very "hotel chic" with the shapes, styles and sizes. 
Agh. Headboards just make such a good statement in the bedroom. Want a new one too?
I put together a list of a few favorites of mine that I have spotted and claimed as must haves! 

ONE: safavieh nailhead
TWO: Felix Headboard
THREE: Skyline white
FOUR: tufted wingback
FIVE: horchow headboard

decor images: one//two//three//four//five//