So the other day I was walking into yet another apartment building on my quest for the perfect apartment in this city. It's very difficult in new york, you know. Anyway, I walked in an the marble on the walls and floors was just to die for. It really got me thinking how not too many people pay attention to the floors, its the most overlooked aspect of a building, let alone the home. Then of course I was checking out some kelly wearstler design and of course, she always nails it...
The marble sunburst art deco style floor paired with marble walls and ridiculous furnishings...oh my goodness. It's just too good for words. I think if I were able to redesign a home for myself, I would get a little crazy with the walls. Bathrooms and entryways are the best places to get a little wild. 
This is probably my favorite. Black. white. pink. marble. Hello! 
images via Rhapsody + lonny