10 things that rocked my world this week...December 8

1. Where in the world did 2012 go? Wow. I really feel like time is just flying by. 1 month exactly to my birthday. Eeeeek! I am getting super excited for the NEW THINGS that come with 2013. I just have this feeling that its going to be a fantastic year. This photo of me was taken at the start of what feels like a fleet of birthday/holiday parties. Lots of celebration in life right now. Has me reflecting on all of the blessings of the year, especially my friends, old and new...

2. Guggenheim. This place will just never get old to me. Even just walking by it gives me the chills. I just love well done architecture. Hence, my fascination with @thedoorsofnewyork.
3. I am so enamored by this gorgeous mirrored mannequin. I want one so badly for my apartment. It would just rock my world on the daily.
4. I am always smitten with a good glossy red room. I fell hard for this particular one with beautiful greenery and a warm amber scent. I was in complete domestic bliss, it's all about the details, no?
5. How stocked am I that this years Pantone color is Emerald? Oh, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. SUCH a good color to work with. 
6. I don't know about you all but I am totally that person that likes to wake up everyday excited about something. I think it began back when we used to have that "first day of school" feeling. Oh, and we should always be thankful for something too, right?
7. I was apartment shopping this week, checking out some potential new digs and I ran across these three gorgeous oversized brass sconces on top of a marble wall. Oh my word, it was so GOOD!
8. More good lighting in the city. I have always adored these pendants but especially in white and gold, they are fantastic! 
9. I love unique ways of displaying collections. Like this awesome sneaker wall in one of my favorite trainers office. This girl is such a rockstar and her shoes are gorgeous! Love. 
10. Okay, so if you don't know that I am a total SOUL CYCLE girl, now you know. I am obsessed with spinning and for the past 2 years I have been an addict for it. The new Soul studio on 63rd is so chic. Love this neon sign on the wall as you walk in. Neon is always a good idea.