10 things that rocked my world this week...December 29

1. Truth. I love that word and so I fell head over heels at a holiday party when I spotted this piece of artwork. It's by one of my most favorite artists, Camomile Hixon. Her glitter art is just awesome. This was me trying to capture the magic...on the sly. 

2. Christmas. My favorite holiday ever was this week and I spent it in New York City again. Nothing is better that Christmas in NYC I must say. This adorable little guy is Murphy, my nephew and favorite pup in the world. He is like a little present under the tree.
3. Having lovely days off exploring the magic of Christmas time gave me much time for checking out some new doors of new york. This one was so good, it just got me all happy inside. 
 4. Photography. I am quickly finding my love for photography. As a blogger, I think it sort of comes with the territory...a natural progression. I just am obsessed with good art and oversized photography is  always a win for me.
5. Holiday decor. So I have seen my fair share of holiday decor and my new thought process is LESS is MORE. I found myself really liking little moments like this, a natural wood candelabra with a bit of floral garnishing. Simple. Sweet. Perfection. 
 6. Movie marathon. Yep, I think it might be one of my favorite things about the winter holidays. 
 7. Tufting. I have also decided that I am absolutely obsessed with this tufted sofa. So good. Never can have too much tufting. 
 8. I got the sweetest gift from my friend. This adorable tee with this adorable slogan. It's from my church's women's conference. Can't get enough of its amazingness! 
 9. This case piece is incredible. The gold details just absolutely rocked my world. 
10. and this...so good!