While I am here in New York for the Thanksgiving holiday and apart from most of my family in Texas, I can't help but want to spend this black friday shopping it up. This year my newest fetish is shopping on FAB. First and foremost I am always on the hunt for affordable artwork for clients and Fab always has great finds. Here are a few pieces I have my eye on...
After finding the things I need for clients, I think FAB is such a perfect place to get gifts for those that I love the most. They always have cute, unique finds that make a thoughtful and fun gift. 
My aunts will adore this fab chalk cheeseboard, and my sweet cousin in art college will love this marilyn mac sleeve. This cute mint phone is perfect for my friend who is constantly on her phone, and the empire state iphone case is for my tech guy. Who wouldn't love a few pink heart office organizers or a shower curtain fit perfectly for a Francofile? like moi

This post brought to you by Fab.