10 things that rocked my world this week...November 25

1. Unfortunately, my time in Paris ended on the earlier side of the week. I spent time at the Museum of Decorative Arts before I left and I must say, I was a little blown away. 

2. Upon my return, I got a few tweets from fabulous fans who bought my ebook and are making it work for them! Tweeting and instagramming photos of how they study, just absolutely rocks my world. My favorite things in the world to do are teach. inspire. motivate. encourage. Go girls! 
3. A few of my Parisian shelter magazines I brought back. They are so incredibly good it has taken me all week to devour the magic inside. These are all I ever need in terms of souvenirs. Shelter mags rock my world. Especially ones from Europe. 
4. I spotted the most beautiful cabbage on the upper east side. The colors were so vibrant, rich and delicious. I just fell in love instantly. 
5. I am all about diamonds right now and I don't mean in jewelry. I'm love Rihanna's song Diamonds, anything diamond shaped especially these amazing side tables I spotted in Paris in the shape of diamonds. So beyond good. 
6. I love Thanksgiving. This was where we had the most fabulous yummy dinner and I was so delighted to stare out the window at the gorgeous view and that light fixture. 
7. Paris? Oh, no...this is an entryway vestibule on the upper east side. Hello, took me right back to my beloved Paris. It is incredibly gorgeous in person.
8. I love the holidays for a few reasons. One is family. It was so hard being away from my family this week because I just miss them so much. Thank GOD for skype...we could skype together all day. 
9. The other thing I love most about holidays. Decorating the christmas tree. Oh, its probably my most favorite thing to do, other than wrap presents. The sweet smell of pine just permeates the sidewalks of new york and I am in heaven. 
10. A little motivation for the week that totally rocked my world!