10 things that rocked my world this week...the Paris edition

1. Paris. It is absolutely the most magical city. There is something that just captivated my heart. I couldn't  stop taking pictures and finding inspiration from the littlest things. Everyone kept telling me how interesting it was to see it through my decorista eyes because EVERYTHING was just beautiful to me. 

2. The Entryways. Almost every time we entered a building my heart skipped a beat. The chandeliers and ceilings were always detailed with layers of lighting and colors and paintings and murals and on and on and on. This was the Hotel Plaza Athenee (which I will blog more on later) and we went for a birthday celebration, drinks and a bit of dancing. Had an absolute blast. 
3. The Chairs. I probably have over 100 pictures of just the chairs. They were just magnificent. Every detail was cared for. Nobody does chairs like the French. These red velvet ones at Hotel Costes (another amazing hotel by the way with incredible food and decor that just melted my heart)  blew me away. They also had them in black which were just as gorgeous but the red came out so much better in photos. 
4. The doors. Of course, we all know my obsession with doors. Paris DID NOT disappoint. The doors were just out of this world. The colors and details were just so vibrant, it was so hard not to be in love with every single one. 
5. Tourist moments. Now of course, all the cheesy touristy things I just loved and couldn't get enough of. I mean, I must have gone to the Louvre like 4 times. Moulin Rouge was one of my favorite movies so I had to go see this. It was magical. Which leads me to my next favorite thing...
6. The lights. One reason I think the city is so magical is that everything sparkles or shines in some way. The lights were incredible. Everything was neon and lit up signs just abound. I love love love the lights. Oh, and the font. I could go on and on about all of the fonts used on signage in stores, etc. The fonts inspired me beyond. 
7. The floors. This incredible tile was at Cafe de Flore. I just couldn't stop staring at it, it was that good. This place is amazing for breakfast and mimosas and people watching of course. 
8. The graffiti. For some reason I am now obsessed with graffiti and the streets of Paris are just covered in it. I am not really a fan of graffiti here in the states, its a little bit depressing. But in Paris,  its just beyond beautiful work. The colors and lines and letters are just done so well. Everything in Paris is just done with more care and love, which makes things more beautiful. 
9. The  mirrors. Nobody likes mirrors like I do. I am obsessed with them. So, you can imagine when I walked by them, I took pictures of almost every one of them. This one blew me away and of course, I just love this mirror on top of mirror thing they have going on. 
10.  The eiffel tower. I mean, come on, I know it's cheesy but it just would never get old to me. The night I walked up to it, it started twinkling and I almost fell over and died. I had no idea. It was the most magical moment ever. This trip to Paris was just beyond incredible. The people I went with, the things I did, the place I stayed, the hotels I visited, the doors I photographed, the language I learned, just all of it. I am so thankful and blessed to have had the experience. Oh, and don't worry for the next few weeks I'll continue to share my inspiration...