10 things that rocked my world this week. November 10

 1. I really just can't get over this headboard and bedroom combination. The beginning of the week I was so tuned into the combo of red, white and blue, for the election of course, and this design by my decor hero Bryan Patrick Flynn just couldn't have articulated the color combo any better...

 2. I like to celebrate pretty much anything by baking something. Cupcakes with sprinkles just never gets old, so we celebrated the election accordingly. 
 3. There is nothing I love more than a beautiful kitchen filled with copper pots and pans. It just makes the art of baking and cooking that much more enjoyable because they are so pretty, my decorista heart just flitters when using them.
4. We got snowed in this week and it was just so beautiful. I filled my apartment with candlelight and captured my little skull Henry and the way he sparkles, kinda magical. 
 5. With my trip to Paris just days away, I have been obsessed with looking at Parisian apartments. This lovely little Parisian blogger abode really rocked my world! 
6. Looking through glass doors has just never been so chic. 
7. These pure silver, antique and beautifully polished gentlemen are probably the best thing these upper east side bookcases have ever seen. Be still my heart. 
8. I am a huge fan of LOVE. Most people know me as the ultimate romantic always raving about LOVE and I am in LOVE with this LOVE sign (by scott coppersmith design). Wood and metal and light. Such a wonderful combination, don't you think?
9. Read this client shout out on his apartment therapy tour and I almost shed a tear. So sweet!  Good feedback is always really really encouraging to hear, or read in this case. I was so humbled, so grateful and so honored to work with him. Thanks JDM, you rocked my world this week! 

10. My morning mantra. Everything that is meant to be will be. Everything that happens, I believe happens for a reason. Its all about perspective! 
Happy weekend loves!