Wallcolor Wednesday: COLOR BLOCKING COOL

Painting in this city can be so daunting. With all of the moldings, curved ceilings and such it makes paint difficult to envision. I totally get it, but I have found that most of my friends get so afraid to paint because of these small little issues. I encourage you to take the leap and get some color on the wall. Now, if you are afraid of picking the wrong color or maybe you want a certain color but think it might be 'too much'. So, why not take a cue from fashion and only paint part of the wall a color...

 Even the smallest dash of color can make a BIG difference. It might be hard to imagine how it would look so I have put together some of my favorite inspirations to show you just how fab it can be. 
 I am a huge fan of color in the hallway and something like this is just perfect. 
 Afraid of black paint? Here is a great way to add it without killing the room with darkness.
DECORATOR TRICK:  In New York, so many apartments have these great moldings about 12 inches or so below the ceiling. If you keep it white it makes the ceilings seem higher than they are. 
 You can create the same effect with just using a lighter color (like the lavender + blue combo below).