NEEDING. WANTING. LOVING. a pretty pink sofa

As I continue my apartment search my decorating desires are just running wild. One thing I know is that I have always dreamed of having a pink sofa in my living room. As bold of a girl as I am, I've always been a bit hesitant to put too much pink into a room. That is until recently I have been seeing that Kate Spade LIVE COLOR FULLY quote everywhere and I am all about signs. I think it's a total sign that its high time I have a pink sofa...
 In an effort to keep it from being too feminine, I would probably keep the walls neutral and let the pretty pink sofa speak volumes in terms of color. 
Brown wall + pink sofa is such a great combo though, and I love the look in this entryway. 
 Mixing sofa colors is cool too. I love the grey with the pink, totally spices up this living room. 
Out of all of this amazing inspiration, this photo is my favorite. Plain and beautiful white walls with a chic girl coming home from work, black and white accents abounding... I just love it. 

images found here: cocokelley + decor pad + this round up