How to keep a fashion forward home

Waking up this morning in LA has made me the happiest girl. As much as I love my life in New York City, there is nothing like being at home in Hollywood, my city of Angels, where I truly believe my heart belongs. Now that I am in pure relaxation mode, I can reflect on the things I learned at Vegas Market. On the last day I attended a seminar about Food, Fashion and Furniture and how the worlds collide. The panel was given by some great girlfriends of mine, Cassandra, Emily and W Magazine (so I couldn't miss it). It was so informative and I learned some insightful and surprising new things. Being a girl who comes from a love of design first, then to fashion, I often don't think of things the other way around. However, I came with a few things about keeping on trend in your home...

#1 The best way to keep trends in your home is incorporating them through smaller items. Keep them throughout your space in places where they are unexpected, so they cause conversation. Like in this fashionista inspired space.
#2 Be like Kelly Wearstler and use funky trends on your tabletop while entertaining. I love how she used this diagonal black and white stripe with a pop of neon pink for a dinner party. 
#3 Do not be afraid to paint your walls. It's not permanent and a pretty inexpensive way to spice things up a bit. This edgy installation was done with a little paint + neon tape.
#4 Constantly using different patterns and looks and mixing them. Like a fashion forward girl, mix up things with switching out different patterns. Like fashion, keeping things in the same color family is always your best bet to making it work. 
#5 Like any fashionista, make sure to check out all international shelter publications like Living Etc (pic above) for style inspiration. Notice the eccentric shape coffee table, artsy lighting, open stacks of magazine with no shelving, whimsical console...Try adding 1 element of European Influence to your space and watch the instant fashion forward feeling come alive.