10 things that rocked my world this week...August 25

1. This week as I was packing up my apartment, I found an old gift from a fan when I first moved to NYC. Then when one of my dear blogger friends Dallas Shaw instagrammed her street trucker hat, we became part of the #coolhatclub. Sometimes, it's the silly little things that make life oh so fun! 

2. Incase you missed it this week. I found out that I am going to Paris in November and I am beyond excited about it. I'll be definitely taking any and all suggestions of places to see, shop and experience! 
3. I finally got an SLR camera a few months ago and I never use it. I have always wanted to take better pictures so I started to take photography lessons. Beyond excited to see what comes of this. I love capturing beautiful moments of life.
4. Matchbook magazine headquarters finally made the move to NYC. I am beyond excited because Ms. Katie Armour is one of my dearest friends. We celebrated her and co-founder Jane's arrival with Paloma Contreras of La Dolce Vita blog at a fab party on the upper east side. 
5. My fab 5 inch leopard heels were definitely my favorite outfit accessory of the week. Love them! 
6. A smoked amber glass chandelier with soft lighting against a white brick wall is the epitome of glamour. I am seriously considering this one. 
7. My bed is the most important and special piece to me in the world and she got a new outfit. My new greek key bedding finally arrived from Live Like You this week. I am in love with my bed all over again. 
8. New art is my bag baby! I am always collecting chic little art prints for my apartment, clients, etc and this gold Jesus print from Made By Girl just rocked my world! LOVE.
9. I so enjoyed entering my new clients apartment. The vestibule was oh so chic with black and white flooring and a greek key border. It's one of the things I love about NYC spaces, you never know what magic you will find. 
10. My lucite and brass letter opener. I have been using her a lot this week and I am so in love with her. Makes all things business that much more fabulous. 

BONUS: some words to ponder for the weekend...