10 things that rocked my world this week...August 19

1. I spent a lot of time this week in this adorable apartment. It's so very office space of the day worthy...

2. She has a glamorously gold/brass bar cart that absolutely rocked my world. Layers and layers of gold accessories made this bar cart incredibly special to me. To break up the gaudy gold, she threw a dash of greenery on top. 
3. To top it off, I couldn't help but devour the vintage 70's issues of Cosmopolitan magazine and zebra grasscloth wallpaper. Very vintage vixen, no?
4. I also spent time this week talking about a big upcoming jewelry project. Designing jewelry is every so fun. #LOVE 
5. One of the setbacks about living in New York is having family thats way too far away, but I always forget that I have cousins close by and I am ever so thankful they are here. Lauren chanel, Lauren and I...Lauren is our grandmothers favorite name...Hello! love you girls.
6. Doors in this city, I swear, they just rock my world. I love the geometric pattern on the door, and then the blue lighting behind. Patterns always inspire me to create something new. 
7. When I saw this, I think my heart recognized very quickly the importance of the people who I spend time with. So special. So blessed. 
8. Now, I don't drive a car here, thank goodness. However, if I did, I could drive this beauty....well, maybe. 
9. I ventured out to the special streets of Brooklyn for what is rumored to be the hottest haircut in town. It was. This guy is something seriously good. He'll be opening up a space soon and the design is going to be out of control....amazing. The location now is special too, I was instantly reconnected with my latin roots and had quite possibly the best authentic mexican food I have had in this city. Mmm!
10 After spending a little time in this fun neighborhood. I realized Usher went a little latin too. Hello!
I just love a really good NYC summer.