10 things that rocked my world this week...August 11

1. This week I have been full steam ahead with work. A few new e-decorating clients on the books and it is totally reinvigorating my creative-ness. 

2. As I was wrapping up my time in LA, I stopped by one of my favorite breakfast cafes and forgot how awesome and colorful the decor was. It instantly brightened my world. 
3. I just have to give a shout out to Jet Blue. I have a small obsession with the Step Up movies and the night before my flight, I went to Step Up: the revolution. It totally rocked my world. So, the best part is the lead actor, Ryan Guzman, was sitting near me on my flight back to NYC. So, yeah we had a little conversation. It was awesome! #starstruck
4. Okay, back to reality. I am thrilled to be back in the city. I don't want to travel for the rest of the month, take some time and enjoy summer in NYC. First stop, horatio street, such a lovely little spot.
5. Teal wall + vintage gold peacock...this combination is more than stellar. 
6. An Hermes pillow in kelly green with hints of gold and red will make the perfect piece for my new sofa in my new apartment, am I right?
7. Kinda crushing on the little Cb2 seat. Big, cozy, colorful and in a very cool gingham pattern. 
8. A really well done teal bedroom with a fantastic use of the IKEA bed. The photo does not do this room justice...trust. 
9. Spotted this pretty cool vintage chevron fabric and realized how all things old will always become fresh and new again. Love it. Want. it. Gotta have it. 
10. Some really good wisdom that just rocked my week.