It's been just over a year now that I have been in my adorable apartment in the city. I moved in July 15th of last summer and thinking about the past year is such a roller coaster of emotions and accomplishments. I can't even believe its been a year. However, it's also the time to find a new apartment and this happens to be one of my favorite things in the world...
  Nothing makes me more excited, I just love the whole process. 
As I try to visualize what I want in my next apartment I think to myself, modern, white, a view, dining room, ample room for an office, etc. Then I happened to come across this gorgeous space and I thought to myself, this is EXACTLY what I want...

I love the clean white walls of this apartment and the light floors. It's located in the upper west side too, so I know its in my dream location. The kitchen is modern with stainless steel appliances and see through shelving. The track lighting is a little ick, but there is a bar and hello a mirror in the kitchen. My favorite decorating trick! 
 Plenty of room for a dining table.

Great lighting in the bedroom and just enough room for a cozy bed with a little extra seating.
 Great bathroom flooring and a clean, white bathroom. It's sheer perfection! Saying my prayers now.